Frequently Asked Questions:

Note: This is the FAQ page for the Windows-only desktop software. In Feb 2017 we launched a web-app that can be used on Macs, phones and tablets. There is a separate FAQ page for the web-app.


What if my computer crashes, or I get a new one? How do I install my purchase on a new computer?

Install the download*, and then activate your purchase again for free. "File -> Updates -> Activate Purchase." Your activation login never expires, and you can re-install the software as many times as you want.
*If you purchased before July 2010, sign in to get your download link.

I don't remember my activation email or password.

Use the forgotten password link and/or the changed email link. If you still can't remember or find your activation, you'll have to re-purchase the software.

I can't find my saved information, where did it go?

It's saved as a file on your local computer, probably in the folder "My Documents\Custody X Change\". If you can't find it there, have Windows search your computer for ".cxc" files. If you switched computers or your computer crashed, you'll have to retrieve it from the old computer, if possible.

We suggest that you backup your Custody X Change files the same way you backup your pictures & documents (we suggest using dropbox, see the question after next). If your files are lost, we are unable to assist, as we don't store or access your saved files.

Can I install Custody X Change on more than one computer?

Yes. As a parent, you can use the software on two computers at the same time, such as on your desktop and laptop, at home and at work, or you could even let your ex install it on their computer.

As a professional, you can choose the number of computers you want to use it on when you purchase.

How can I access my Custody X Change data from multiple computers?

If you don't already use Dropbox, it's a great free service to keep your CXC files up to date on whatever computer you're using. Just install Dropbox on both computers, and save your CXC files to your Dropbox folder. Dropbox syncs and backs up your files automatically.

  1. Install and activate Custody X Change and Dropbox on both computers. Use the same Dropbox login for both computers.
  2. On one of the computers, go to where your Dropbox folder is and make a sub-folder, "Custody" (or any other name you'd like)
  3. On both computers, tell Custody X Change to save your files in your Dropbox "Custody" folder (CXC -> File -> Preferences -> Save and Open Directories)
  4. Move your '.cxc' files and other files into your Dropbox "Custody" folder. They're probably in your "My Documents\Custody X Change" folder right now.

Now you can open any '.cxc' file on either computer, and when you save it, Dropbox will update the other computer so you're always up to date.

Does the software run on Windows 10?

Yes. It runs on XP, Vista, 7, 8, & 10. It also runs on any Surface version 3 or newer and the Surface Pro.

How do I install the software on my phone / tablet?

Note: This is the FAQ page for the Windows-only desktop software. In Feb 2017 we launched a web-app that can be used on Macs, phones and tablets. There is a separate FAQ page for the web-app.

First create your schedule on a PC and then you can export the calendar and import it to your phone / tablet. Install CXC on a PC and create your schedule there. When you've finished, you can import it to your device's calendar.

How do I install the software on my Mac?

Note: This is the FAQ page for the Windows-only desktop software. In Feb 2017 we launched a web-app that can be used on Macs, phones and tablets. There is a separate FAQ page for the web-app.

Custody X Change is Windows software, so you have to get Windows on your Mac. You can use Parallels, VMWare Fusion or Boot Camp to run Windows programs on your Mac. Or you could use a friend's Windows computer, or your Windows computer at work.


What are the differences between the parent and professional editions?

Parent editions — For those using the the software for their own personal custody situation.
Professional editions — For those using the software in a professional capacity (attorneys, mediators, judges, etc).

How much do updates cost?

Updates are free for life. We will never charge you for any update, fix, or improvement.

After I purchase, can I use the information I entered in the free edition?

Yes. Your information saved in the free edition will carry over into the purchased edition automatically, so you can continue right where you left off.

Will you mail me the software on a CD?

No, you don't have to wait for a CD to show up in the mail. After you purchase you get a password to immediately activate the free edition into the edition you purchased. Plus, whenever we make an update to the software, the CD would become outdated.

Purchasing — Parents:

Do I have to pay for this every year?

No. You own the software for life and never have to pay us anything again.

If I purchase the Lite or Personal edition, what does it cost to upgrade later?

It only costs the difference in prices between the editions. You can upgrade to a more expensive edition with no fees, even years after you purchase. Just sign in to upgrade.

I'm purchasing for a friend or relative. What do I need to do differently?

Put their name & email into the Personal section of the purchase page. They'll get the emails on how to download and activate the software after you purchase.

Purchasing — Legal Professionals:

Is this a tax-deductible expense?

Yes. If you are working as a legal professional, the cost of this software is 100% tax deductible as a business expense (and in many cases billable to the current clients).

Does a short-term license automatically renew when it expires?

No. To renew your license, go back to the purchase page and purchase it again. If you don't renew, the software will simply stop working when it expires. There's nothing to cancel.

Can the cost of a short-term license be credited to a lifetime purchase?

Yes, you may receive a credit of one-half the amount paid for your most recent expired license towards the purchase of a lifetime license. You may claim this credit up to seven days after you purchase a lifetime license. Send us an email and we'll process it for you.

Can I add additional computers / seats to my license at a later time?

Yes, and you won't have to pay the base price again. You can do so at any time after you purchase—a week later or even years later. Sign in to get your pro-rated price and to make your purchase.

Can I install this on my firm's server and access it from other machines?

No, Windows has problems if Custody X Change isn't installed on each computer locally. However, you can set the defaults to save all of the work to the server: "File -> Preferences -> Save and Open Directories". So all of the files can still be backed up and accessible from any computer on the network, while each computer would be running a local copy of Custody X Change.


How do I create different schedules for different children?

For multiple children with separate schedules, use a separate file for each child. And if the schedules are similar, you can make a copy of the first schedule by using "File -> Save As" instead of starting from scratch.

My repeating schedule changed, how do I put that into the software?

If it just changes for the summer, use a seasonal schedule. But if your repeating schedule changes, use a new file starting from that date. Keep your old file to have an accurate schedule history; use the new file going forward.

How do I use the software to...?

The Learn Section should have the answers you need. It has video tutorials and step-by-step instructions with screenshots.

Parenting Plans:

Is the software's parenting plan accepted by the courts where I live?

While there is no universal form that's guaranteed to be accepted in every court, Custody X Change's parenting plan document has been accepted by courts in all 50 US states, Canada, Australia, and many other countries. The parenting plan can be easily modified to fit your situation and your court's requirements or simply included as an attachment.

How can I get the parenting plan to...?

The Learn Section should have the answers you need. It has video tutorials and step-by-step instructions with screenshots.


I have a legal question about my case, schedule, or proposed plan, etc.

Please consult a qualified legal professional. The Custody X Change website and software are not intended or offered as legal advice, nor does the use thereof guarantee any particular outcome. Please do not contact us with legal questions; we are unable to answer them.