Using Multiple Custody Calendars

You can have more than one calendar in Custody X Change. This is helpful if your children follow different schedules or if you want multiple drafts.

Think of a calendar like a physical day planner; if your situation would require more than one planner, you'll probably want more than one Custody X Change calendar.

Creating additional calendars

Custody X Change automatically creates your first calendar when you open an account. To add additional calendars:

  1. Click the "calendar" tab. This is where your calendars and schedules live.

  2. Hit the name of your calendar at the top left of your screen.

    From the drop-down menu, select "manage calendars."

  3. You'll land in your calendar management console.

    To create a blank calendar, click "new calendar." If you'd rather make a copy of an existing calendar, hit the "duplicate" button below its name.

  4. A box will appear for you to enter a calendar name. Use any name that will help you distinguish this calendar from your others.

    If you don't enter a name, the app will apply one automatically ("Calendar 1," "Calendar 2," etc.).

    You can also choose whether to share it with your co-parent.

  5. As soon as you hit "save," your new calendar is ready and open for you to work on.

Start using your calendar

Click the "calendar" tab at the top of your screen to view it.

Calendar options

To edit a calendar, follow Steps 1 and 2 above to arrive at your calendar management console.

From there, press the "options" button under a calendar.

You can rename the calendar. Enter any name that will help you distinguish this calendar from your others.

If this calendar is currently shared and you make it private, you and your co-parent will each keep your own private copies. (You'll no longer receive updates that the other makes, so your separate copies could begin to differ.)

Hit save.

Moving between calendars

To change which calendar you're working on or viewing, first click the "calendar" tab.

Next, click your current calendar's name at the top left of your screen to show a drop-down menu. Then select your desired calendar.