Messaging in Custody X Change: Overview

Messaging your co-parent in Custody X Change keeps all your parenting communication in one place and encourages civility.

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Who can see your messages

Your co-parent is the only person you can message in Custody X Change. This is why you don't need to choose a recipient when you send a message.

However, if you link accounts with your lawyer, your lawyer can view and print your conversations with your co-parent.

While your co-parent cannot see how you label messages, your lawyer can see and edit your labels. This helps them prepare for court.

Why message with Custody X Change

  • Keep all your parenting conversations in one organized place
  • Print and export messages easily
  • See read receipts
  • Communicate civilly thanks to warnings when you type hostile language

Messaging tips

  • Keep each thread to one topic: If you need to change topics, start a new thread. This keeps conversations focused.
  • Avoid hostile language: If the app turns something you're typing red, find more cooperative wording.
  • Allow push and email notifications: Adjust your notifications settings so you're alerted about messages on your device and/or by email.
  • Use private labels to stay organized: Labeling threads makes it easy to print or export all the messages about one topic.

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