Expense Tracker: Record When a Parent Refuses to Pay

The Custody X Change expense tracker can help you keep tabs on your child-related spending and get reimbursed for costs shared with the other parent.

If you're just getting started, learn how to add, edit or delete an expense.

Below, find details on how to record when one of you refuses to pay the requested amount.

To begin, click the expenses tab. (On a phone screen, you may need to click "more" first.)

Refuse to pay expense

If the other parent entered the expense, you can't delete it or change the amount. However, you can respond that you won't pay, and this information will be attached to their expense entry.

  1. On the main expenses page, select a date range in the top left corner that contains the expense you're looking for.

  2. You can filter by category to narrow your search further.

  3. Click the date or title of the expense.

  4. On the next screen, scroll down and press "refuse to pay".

  5. Add a reason, if you like.

  6. Hit "save." Back on the main expenses page, the item will appear in a section for rejected expenses.

If you change your mind

Click the expense and change your response to "agree to pay".

Record that the other parent refuses to pay

If you've entered the expense in the app and you've determined that the other parent isn't going to pay, you can edit the expense to reflect this.

  1. Edit the expense. Select the checkbox for "refused to pay". You can enter a reason.

  2. Save your changes.

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