Editing Schedules: Rename, Move, Shift or Delete

Your custody schedules are designed to develop alongside your family for years to come. If they needs adjustments, you have several options, explained below.

For each adjustment, you'll begin by clicking the "calendar" tab. This is where your calendars and schedules live.

Next, you'll click the name of the schedule you want to work on. Find it to the left of your calendar, or if you're on a phone, beneath your calendar.

Or you can get to the same place by clicking on your calendar where the schedule begins or ends. (You'll see a flag with the schedule's name).

Now you're ready to make your edits.

Rename your schedule

Find the box marked "schedule name." Type in a new name, and hit save.

Move your schedule

To change when your schedule begins, locate the boxes under "starts at." Enter a new date and/or time, and hit "save."

If you're editing a seasonal schedule, you'll also see options to specify the start and end dates for future years.

Shift your schedule

You can also shift schedules (as long as they don't repeat weekly). This moves when each parent's custody time falls without changing the pattern, as seen below.

Hit "shift day" or "shift week."

You'll see the change reflected on your calendar immediately. If you like it, hit "save."

Delete your schedule

To get rid of your schedule entirely, hit "delete" toward the bottom of the page. If you change your mind, hit the "undo" button that appears on your screen for several seconds.

Custody X Change is software that creates personalized custody calendars and schedules.

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