Editing Your Custody Schedules

Your custody schedules are designed to develop alongside your family for years to come. If they need adjustments, you have several options, explained below.

For each adjustment, you'll begin by clicking the "calendar" tab at the top of the Custody X Change app. This is where your calendars and schedules live.

Rename your schedule

  1. Click the "edit" button next to the name of the schedule you want to work on. Find it to the left of your calendar if you're on desktop, or beneath your calendar if you're on a phone.

    You can get to the same place by clicking on your calendar where the schedule begins or ends. (You'll see a flag with the schedule's name.)

    Either way, you'll be taken to the guided steps that helped you create your schedule in the first place.

  2. Find the box marked "name." Type in a new name.

  3. Hit "save."

Choose a new pattern

If you want to change the repeating pattern your schedule uses, first follow Step 1 above.

  1. Hit "next."

  2. Choose the template that's closest to the pattern you want to change to. You may want to explore each schedule pattern first.

    If you select the "other" option, jump to our steps to make an uncommon pattern, beginning at Step 2. If you select any other template, use our directions to use a common custody pattern, beginning at Step 2.

Change when your schedule starts or ends

Follow Step 1 above.

  1. To change when your schedule begins, locate the boxes under "starts." Enter a new date and/or time.

  2. If this schedule will override your regular schedule for the same period every year, check "summer break schedule." (This works for summer breaks, seasonal jobs and more.)

    Then you'll see additional options: a start date for future years, an end date for the first year and an end date for future years. Select the options that work for your family.

  3. Hit "save" when you're done.

Delete your schedule

Follow Step 1 above.

  1. Click "delete" at the bottom of the edit box. The repeating schedule will be removed from your calendar, but any holiday visits or one-time changes will remain.

Add a repeating visit

  1. Click on "add time" beneath your schedule's name (to the left of your calendar on desktop, or beneath your calendar on a phone).

    Or just click on the calendar where you want the visit to begin.

  2. From the drop-down menu that appears, select the parent who gets the new visit, or select "third party."

    Third-party time is when a child is at school or with a caretaker other than the parents. It's excluded from parenting time calculations.

  3. Set the starting and ending dates and times. (It doesn't matter whether the dates are for the visit's first occurrence or a future occurrence.)

    You can use the "from" and "to" boxes or click and drag in the calendar.

  4. Check the "repeating" box. In the drop-down menu that appears, choose the rate: "all weeks" to repeat every week, "alternating weeks" to repeat every other week. Then use the days-of-the-week buttons to set which days the visit occurs on.

  5. When you're done, click "save." The visit is now added to your schedule.

To add nonrepeating time, use one-time changes instead.

Adjust a repeating exchange

  1. In your calendar, click on the exchange you want to adjust.

  2. Either drag to the new exchange time, or use box that appears by your calendar to enter a new date and time.

  3. Make sure the "repeating" box is checked, and choose a repeating rate from the drop-down menu: every week or every other week. Use the days of the week buttons to set the days the exchange occurs on.

  4. When you're done, click "save."

To change just a single exchange, use one-time changes instead.

Custody X Change is software that creates personalized custody calendars and schedules.

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