Scheduling Activities in Custody X Change: Overview

Your activities center shows you where to be and when to be there, for both custody transfers and noncustody events. It makes life easier by reminding you of upcoming activities and letting you share with other Custody X Change subscribers.

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How activities are different from your Custody X Change calendar

Unlike your calendar, which shows your custody schedules in their entirety, the activities center focuses on the times when you need to do something, such as exchange the children. (It can also show when the other parent or your child needs to do something, depending on how you use it).

The activities center helps many parents with day-to-day planning, while the calendar helps with bigger picture tasks: implementing court-ordered schedules, calculating parenting time, etc.

Another difference from your calendar: entries in the activity center don't affect your custody time. Insert activities from your child's busy life — like dentist appointments or sports practices — to keep track of them without changing your custody and visitation schedule. You can even input your work or personal events to keep everything together.

How activities simplify your life

Custody X Change can send you reminders about upcoming activities, either by push notification or email.

To keep others in the loop — such as older children or the other parent — link their Custody X Change accounts. When subscribed accounts link, they view and edit the same activities center. You get a notification if the other account makes changes.

When to use activities vs. your calendar or actual time tracker

To decide where you should enter an event, ask yourself: Does it change who has custody or visitation at that time?

  • If it doesn't affect custody or visitation, enter an activity.
    • Example: Dad plans a playdate during his custody time.
  • If it affects custody or visitation, and parents agree on it, make a one-time change in your calendar.
    • Example: Mom will take the child to lunch for Grandma's birthday during Dad's custody time, with Dad's permission.
  • If it affects custody or visitation, and parents do NOT agree on it, use your actual time tracker.
    • Example: Mom kept the child for an extra hour without Dad's permission.