Using Multiple Parenting Plans

You can have more than one parenting plan in Custody X Change, which is helpful if you want to create drafts. You could also make a plan for each child (if they'll have different custody arrangements) or each ex.

Keep in mind that each plan has its own settings.

Creating additional plans

Custody X Change automatically starts your first plan when you open an account. To add additional plans:

  1. Click your current plan's name at the top left of your parenting plan home screen.

    Select "manage parenting plans" from the drop-down menu.

  2. You'll land in your plan management console.

    To create a blank plan, click "new parenting plan."

    To make a copy of an existing plan, click the "duplicate" button under that plan's name.

  3. A box will appear for you to enter a name. If you don't enter a name, the app will apply one automatically ("Plan 1," "Plan 2," etc.).

    When you're done, hit "save" and your new plan will open.

Moving between plans

To change which plan you're working on, follow Step 1 above. Instead of clicking "manage parenting plans," select your desired plan.