About Us

Custody X Change makes life a little easier and less painful for divorced and separated parents and legal professionals. We provide software that helps parents to:

Spend adequate time with their children. Reduce conflict through better communication. Create fair schedules that both parents are happy with. Work toward parenting plans in the child’s best interests. Stay organized with the details of exchanges, notes and actual time-tracking.

Our History

We've made regular progress to Custody X Change since work began in 2003. We are currently working on exciting new improvements.

  • 2017

    February 16 : We released a beta of our new web-enabled edition, with custody calendars, journals, and documents.

  • 2016

    All Year: We continued to make improvements to the design and functionality of the upcoming web-enabled edition.

  • 2015

    All Year: We continued to make improvements to the design and functionality of the upcoming web-enabled edition.

  • 2014

    January 1: Design work began on a web-enabled edition of the software.

    April 29: New website launched with improved content and linking.

  • 2013

    April 11: Expense tracking and a new office-like interface introduced with version 5.

    May 6: New website launched with tablet and mobile support.

    September 28: The calendar was redesigned for improved interactivity with version 5.10.

  • 2012

    April 19: Actual-time tracking and journaling were enhanced with version 4.30.

    August 20: The calendar interface was overhauled in version 4.50.

    November 30: Parenting plan expanded to include 90+ provisions in version 4.70

  • 2011

    June 30: Improvements in ease-of-use were made during the first half of 2011.

    August 15: Version 4 was released, with an improved and streamlined interface.

  • 2010

    January 11: Version 3 was released, improving the calculation algorithms.

    August 24: 3rd-party time was introduced with version 3.40.

  • 2009

    January 28: Parenting provisions were included in version 2.10.

    August 10: Actual-time tracking and journaling were introduced with version 2.50.

  • 2008

    November 26: Version 2 was released, adding PDF support and one-time events.

  • 2008-2006

    New development was halted while Ben was in business school at MIT Sloan.

  • 2005

    May 3: Version 1.0.0 was made available to the public.

    December 28: The computational report was introduced with version 1.2.

  • 2004

    June 10: Ben quit his job and began coding Custody X Change.

    October 22: The first Beta version was released to a family court facilitators office.

  • 2003

    Late 2003: A respected family law attorney approached Ben with the idea to create software that calculates parenting time. They formed a partnership and worked on the design of the software. This partnership lasted through 2006.

Who We Are

We're a small team, committed to creating great experiences for parents and professionals facing difficult situations.

Ben Coltrin

Ben Coltrin: Co-founder and PresidentJoined June 2004

Ben was 21 years old when he quit his job to create the Custody X Change software. He loves building this software because it positively impacts real people's lives.

Ben has a Bachelor of Computer Science from California State University Sacramento, and a Master of Business Administration from Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Ben has three daughters, Eleanor (pictured), Clara and Hazel. He lives in Riverton, Utah, in the United States.

André Werlang

André Werlang: Software DesignerJoined October 2015

André is a software development expert who specializes in system architecture. He likes to spend time on the details so that people will love to use his software.

He's passionate about solving problems and learning new and creative solutions.

André studied Computer Science at UNISINOS. He lives with his wife Lú in São Leopoldo, a small city located in Rio Grande do Sul, in southern Brazil.

Liviu Anghelina

Liviu Anghelina: UX and UI DesignerJoined May 2016

Liviu specializes in user interface design for web and mobile apps. He enjoys thinking about the user experience and making interactive designs that people love.

He is driven by sports and loves basketball and soccer. He also can't work without listening to some deep techno music.

Liviu has Bachelor of Computer Science from the Lucian Blaga University of Sibiu. He lives in Sibiu, a city located in Transylvania, in central Romania.

Auro Mota

Auro Mota: Software DeveloperJoined July 2016

Auro is a software developer who loves to master new technologies. He strives to write code that's easy to understand.

He is the lead guitarist of his band, Ávila. When he's not working or jamming out, he likes to go sightseeing or play video games.

Auro is currently earning a systems analyst degree at UNIVÁS. He lives in Pouso Alegre, a city located in Minas Gerais, in southeast Brazil.

Tim Backes

Tim Backes: Digital MarketerJoined September 2016

Tim runs his own digital marketing consultancy firm and he loves working on Digital PR, Content Strategy, and SEO.

Tim lived abroad for a decade, in both Japan and Taiwan, where he taught English as a Foreign Language and worked as a SaaS Marketing Specialist.

Tim has a bachelor of philosophy from Millersville University of Pennsylvania. He lives outside of Philadelphia and is a huge Philadelphia Eagles fan. Tim also likes watching MMA.

I found the software very easy to use. It’s flexible, making a tough job with a tricky schedule easier to work out.

Russ Hayes

Franklin, OH

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