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Custody X Change instantly calculates your exact parenting time for any period, past or future.

Custody X Change is software with a visitation timeshare calculator.

Calculate My Parenting Time Now

The data is crucial throughout your custody process.

  • As you build a custody calendar, the time per parent updates with each click, helping you compare arrangements and reach your ideal percentage.
  • When you present a schedule to the other parent or a judge, providing a breakdown of time informs the discussion, plus demonstrates your preparedness.
  • To calculate child support, most state formulas require parenting time percentages. An exact figure can benefit you by thousands of dollars each year.
  • If you settle, detailed parenting time information adds an element of professionalism to your agreement, increasing the likelihood of it getting approved.
  • Even after you have a custody order, a parenting time calculator keeps you in compliance with the timeshare awarded, so you stay in good standing with the court.

Without software, there's no way to get accurate numbers. Even attorneys without software have to estimate, which can be a costly mistake. Let Custody X Change do the work, with features like:

Visual reports

Your Custody X Change parenting time report uses graphs and charts to show how parents divide caretaking during any period. The level of detail and variety of calculations can bolster proposals you make in negotiations, a settlement filing or a trial.

Continuous calculations

Your timeshare data updates continuously in your report and above your calendar, so you can see instantly how even small schedule adjustments — like moving exchange times, adding holidays, etc. — affect your parenting time. No more redoing tedious math every time you tweak the calendar.


Choose any time period to calculate, past or future. Decide whether to count by hour or by overnight visit. Assign each parent a color for the graphics in the report. You can make countless customizations like these until the parenting time calculations meet your distinct needs.

Non-parent time

Most children have moments when they're not with a parent: during school, visits to grandparents, etc. Mark these as third-party time to remove them from parenting time calculations. You'll be surprised how marking just a few instances of third-party time can affect your timeshare significantly.

Actual parenting time

In addition to planned parenting time, Custody X Change calculates actual parenting time, which takes into account instances when parents strayed from the schedule. Use the actual time report — which demonstrates visually how off-schedule parents have gotten — to discuss schedule changes with the other parent, motivate them to stick to the plan better, or ask the court for a modification.


Here's what some of our customers have said:

The software was very easy to use and … spared us from having to do the tedious task of counting days on a calendar. I would recommend this product to any parent who has to establish a custody schedule.

Chimena Taylor – San Diego, CA

It has saved several hours of pushing a pencil and rearranging days back and forth. The best part is that it figures out the ... time with each parent each month. Well worth the money, do it yourself and hand it to your attorney.

Ruth Ballard – Standish, ME

It breaks the time share down so you can come up with a true shared parenting schedule. It helped me so much and I was pro se against a family law specialist.

Stacie Staples – Arroyo Grande, CA

Custody X Change is software with a visitation timeshare calculator.

Calculate My Parenting Time Now

Custody X Change is software with a visitation timeshare calculator.

Calculate My Time

Custody X Change is software with a visitation timeshare calculator.

Calculate My Parenting Time Now

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