Parenting Plan Provisions and Stipulations

Provisions by category:

Child–parent relationships
Ground rules you may want to set for a parent's communication with their child, including communication about the custody case.

Education and extracurricular activities
Consider setting rules about parent participation in school events, how to choose extracurricular activities and other education topics.

Health care
Use or personalize these medical provisions about payments, appointments and more to avoid conflict about your child's health.

Parent communication
Many parents find it helpful to say in their plan exactly how they'll communicate and resolve disputes going forward.

Potential rules about discipline, religious education and parents' substance use.

Parenting time and exchanges
Ways to handle the child's transportation between parents, parenting time conflicts, etc.

Travel and moving
Sample stipulations for your parenting plan about traveling with the child and moving.

Specific provisions:

6 common parenting plan provisions
The basic issues your plan should cover.

7 overlooked provisions to include in your parenting plan
What seven family law professionals tell their clients to include in a parenting plan.

Sample custody stipulations: 9 common examples
Consider adding these provisions so your plan covers more than the basics.

Put the right of first refusal in your parenting plan
This custody provision can help you get more time with your child. Learn what it is and how to implement it.