Parenting Time and Exchanges Provision Examples

You can pick and choose from these provisions about parenting time and exchanges to include the information you want in your parenting plan.

These example provisions are flexible. You can include parts of them and/or alter the wording to fit your situation. You can also write additional provisions for your plan.

Check your state custody guidelines to find out if your state requires certain provisions about parenting time and exchanges to be in your parenting plan. Typically your plan can have extra provisions along with the state required ones.

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Transportation for exchanges

Transportation to the exchanges will be provided by:

Transportation from the exchanges will be provided by:

Drop-off and pick-up of the child will be at:

The exchange of the child shall occur at the respective residence of each parent and/or at the child's school. The parents shall consult with one another in advance and mutually agree upon a specific location for any changes of exchange sites.

Responsibility for providing transportation shall be divided between the parents. The parent beginning his/her custodial period shall be responsible for transporting the child from the other parent's home or school or agreed upon exchange site.

The parent responsible to arrange transportation may/may not utilize a third party if needed for transportation.

Transportation requirements

The child will be driven only by a licensed and insured driver. The vehicle must have legal child restraint devices.

The parents are to obey all vehicle code requirements. Safety restraints, such as seat belts and/or child car seats are to be used always. In the event a parent who is to exercise time with the child does not meet the vehicle code requirements, they must find an agreeable third party to transport the child who meets requirements or forfeit the time.

During the exchanges, the parent driving the child will wait in the car and the other parent will wait in his or her home while the child goes between the car and the home.

Neither parent should use exchanges to discuss support issues, talk about finances, discuss parenting time, or to behave disrespectfully toward the other parent.

The child shall be picked up and returned at the designated times. Should a delay become necessary, the delayed parent shall immediately advise the other parent of the delay and the estimated length of time until arrival.

Child's accommodations

Each parent will maintain clothing for the child so that the child does not have to make the exchanges with additional clothing.

The child will be returned to the other parent with the clothing and other belongings they had when they arrived.

The child shall be allowed to take or leave some clothes, toys, gifts, or other possessions he/she chooses at each home.

Each parent will have sleeping quarters for the minor child separate from the adults during the time the child is with that parent.

Parenting time requirements

Neither parent will schedule activities for the child during the other parent's scheduled parenting time without the other parent's prior agreement.

If the child is invited or desires to participate in any activities which may interfere with the other parent's time with the child, neither parent shall encourage, permit, or consent to such activities without first conferring on this matter with the other parent.

Each parent shall notify the other parent at least 12 hours in advance of his/her intention to exercise the regularly scheduled visitation.

Each parent shall notify the other parent at least 12 hours in advance if he/she is unable to exercise regularly scheduled parenting time.

Conflicts with parenting time

In the event that a parent is unable to exercise his/her parenting time on a given occasion, he or she must notify the other parent at the earliest possible opportunity.

If a noncustodial parent fails to arrive at the appointed time and fails to notify the custodial parent that he or she will be late, then the custodial parent need wait for only 30 minutes before considering the visitation canceled.

The custodial parent must give the noncustodial parent as much notice as possible if the child is ill and unable to participate in scheduled time with the other parent.

The parenting time schedule may be adjusted if both parents agree to the changes.

A parent requesting a temporary change to the parenting schedule shall act in good faith and ask the other parent about such change as soon as possible. The parents are expected to fairly adjust parenting schedules when family situations, illnesses, or other commitments make modification reasonable.

If one parent loses scheduled parenting time because of outside events, "make-up" time should be exercised as soon as possible. If the parents cannot agree on "make-up" time, the parent who lost the time shall select the "make-up" time within one month of the missed time.

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Custody X Change is software that creates professional parenting plans and custody schedules.

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Custody X Change is software that creates professional parenting plans and custody schedules.

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Custody X Change is software that creates professional parenting plans and custody schedules.

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