8 Ways Child Custody Software Simplifies Your Life

Custody X Change is the online app that ensures the best possible future for your children. It's the leading custody technology among both parents and legal professionals.

Visualize your schedule. Get a written parenting plan. Calculate your parenting time.

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Use Custody X Change to:

1. Design a parenting plan with our step-by-step template

Most custody cases result in a parenting plan, which outlines how the children will be cared for. A plan becomes a court order once signed by a judge.

When you're proposing a plan, its critical you use airtight language that leaves no room for confusion. And you must be careful not to omit any information required by the court.

This is where Custody X Change comes in. The app takes guesswork out of the equation by walking you through each step of creating a comprehensive plan.

2. Oversee your parenting calendar

A visual parenting calendar is what brings your written custody schedule to life. It allows parents, lawyers, mediators and judges to make sense of a schedule at a glance.

The Custody X Change app is here to help you create not only a schedule that meets legal requirements, but also a professional-quality calendar you can present in court or negotiations to bolster your case.

After your case, a Custody X Change calendar continues to support your family. Color-coded time blocks and push notifications allow you to focus on your children rather than on interpreting your custody schedule.

3. Calculate parenting time instantly

Custody X Change instantly calculates your exact parenting time for any period, past or future.

The data is crucial throughout your custody process:

  • As you build a custody schedule
  • When you present a schedule to the other parent or a judge
  • For calculating child support, in most states
  • If you file a settlement agreement

Once your custody schedule is in place, actual parenting time shows how well it's being followed. Mark any times when one parent strays from the schedule without the other's approval: late pickups, canceled visits, etc.

4. Coordinate your activities with your custody time

With Custody X Change, you no longer need separate apps for your custody schedule and your daily agenda.

Your activities center displays custody transfers alongside your child's appointments, practices and any other event you don't want to forget — even work commitments.

5. Organize your case with a digital journal

Keeping track of all the dates and documents in a custody case can feel like a full-time job, and consolidating them into a professional format can seem downright impossible.

Your custody journal solves these problems and more. It helps you:

  • Recall important dates or discussions
  • Record your child's milestones and data
  • Track behavior patterns for children or parents
  • Retrieve documents quickly
  • Present professional-looking evidence

6. Message the other parent civilly

In some cases, judges order parents to communicate with each other solely via Custody X Change. Many other parents choose to message on Custody X Change without a court order.

Messaging via the app allows parents to print conversations, see read receipts, share with a lawyer and avoid meeting face-to-face.

7. Track your parenting expenses precisely

The expense tracker lets you log how much you spend on your children, plus calculate costs owed to you so everyone pays their fair share.

You decide: track all expenses related to your children, just the ones connected to your custody case, or just the ones to be reimbursed.

8. Store your child's information in one convenient place

With the Custody X Change child-info tool, store your child's information for your quick reference: ID numbers, medical data and more.

Both parents can access the information. When one updates an entry, the app instantly notifies the other.

Why Custody X Change is the best co-parenting software

See for yourself what makes Custody X Change the best co-parenting software in this video.


Here's what some of our customers have said:

The judge adopted my plan that I came up with using custody exchange. ... It was invaluable.

Stacie Staples – Arroyo Grande, CA

The billing cost from a lawyer to prepare the documents would exceed the cost of the program and would be inferior to what you have developed. … It is a truly valuable tool!!

Russell King – Jacksonville, FL

It has saved several hours of pushing a pencil and rearranging days back and forth. The best part is that it figures out ... time with each parent each month. Well worth the money, do it yourself and hand it to your attorney.

Ruth Ballard – Standish, ME

Visualize your schedule. Get a written parenting plan. Calculate your parenting time.

Simplify My Custody Situation Now

Explore examples of common schedules

Explore common schedules

Join the 60,000+ other parents who have used our co-parenting tools

Organize your evidence

Track your expenses, journal what happens, and record actual time. Print organized, professional documents.

Co-parent civilly

Our parent-to-parent messaging system, which detects hostile language, lets you collaborate without the drama.

Get an accurate child support order

Child support is based on parenting time or overnights in most jurisdictions. Calculate time instead of estimating.

Succeed by negotiating

Explore options together with visual calendars and detailed parenting plans. Present alternatives and reach agreement.

Never forget an exchange or activity

Get push notifications and email reminders, sync with other calendar apps and share with the other parent.

Save up to $50,000 by avoiding court

Write your parenting agreement without lawyers. Our templates walk you through each step.

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Bring calm to co‑parenting. Agree on a schedule and plan. Be prepared with everything documented.

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