Frequently Asked Questions


What's your refund policy?

If you're unhappy with our product for any reason, you have 30 days to request a full refund. Submit your request from the contact us page inside the app for immediate processing. Refunds also delete your account and all of your data.

Can I access my calendar and other data from my phone / computer?

Yes, you can access all of your data at any time, from any device or computer. Everything is stored online, in the cloud.

Do you have an app?

Yes, we have apps for Windows, iOS and Android, but they're not in the app stores. App stores charge a 30% fee on every purchase. To avoid passing that extra cost on to you, we're using a method that installs directly from the browser.

What's included in the free version?

It lets you demo all of the features, but it limits the amount you can save, and doesn't print, export or calculate.

Can I cancel my subscription if I'm done using it?

Yes, simply log in and click the "Cancel subscription" button in your account settings. Even after canceling, you have access to your paid features until your license expires.

If my subscription lapses, what happens to my data?

We hold onto it so that everything will be waiting for you if you subscribe again. However, if you close your account or request a refund, we delete all your data.

If I upgrade, can I get a credit from my current purchase?

You have one week to get a 100% credit; after that, the credit is pro-rated based on how much time is remaining on your license.


What can I share with the other parent?

You have the option to share your calendars, messages, activities and expenses with the other parent if they also subscribe.

Who else can I share my data with?

You can share your calendars and activities with your kids for free. And you can share all of your data with your legal professionals, including your private journal, parenting plan and actual time.

Legal professionals

Can I share the calendars and plans I create with my clients?

Yes. Your client will get an invitation to purchase an account, and they will have full control over the data. You can also see a notification when they make a change.

Can I share my login with another person in my firm?

No, each person needs their own login, including assistants, paralegals, and other lawyers in your firm. However, all the client data is shared if you purchase additional users from your account.

Can I purchase as a billing-only user?

Yes, purchase just the number of licenses you need for active client work for your group. You can then assign yourself as a free billing-only user after you purchase.

I'm a family court judge. Can I really use it on the bench for free?

Yes, we let family court judges and other government agencies use the Pro Gold for free. Create a free account using your official email address and then send us a message.

I work in legal aid. Can I use the software at a discount?

Yes, if you work in legal aid we offer a 50% discount. Create a free account using your work email address, and then send us a message before you purchase.

Is this a tax-deductible expense?

Yes, legal professionals can deduct the cost of this software as a business expense. You can also bill your clients for the time you spend using it on their behalf.

Parenting plans

Is the software's parenting plan accepted by the courts where I live?

While there is no universal form that's guaranteed to be accepted in every court, Custody X Change's parenting plan document has been accepted by courts in all 50 US states, Canada, Australia and many other countries. The parenting plan can be easily modified to fit your situation and your court's requirements or simply included as an attachment.

Legacy PC-only software

End of life notice

Our legacy PC-only software reached its end-of-life on December 31, 2021 and is no longer functional. There were problems we weren't able to address due to the age of the programming tools we built it with.

What was the legacy software?

It was an installable PC-only custody product. Programming began on it in 2004 and the last update was made in 2016. It was superseded by our web-based app.

Disclaimer: Not legal advice

I have a legal question about my case, schedule, plan, etc.

Please consult a qualified legal professional. The Custody X Change website and software are not intended or offered as legal advice, nor does the use thereof guarantee any particular outcome. Please do not contact us with legal questions; we are unable to answer them.