LGBTQ Parents: Changing Your Icons and Colors

As a starting place, the app identifies one parent using pink and a woman icon, and the other parent using blue and a man icon. But you can change this.

First, visit your account settings.

Next to "parent details," press "edit."


For an icon, you'll choose from:

  • Man icon
  • Woman icon
  • First initial (If you haven't entered your name yet, you'll be offered "D" and M" for Dad and Mom, or "Y" and "O" for You and Other Parent.)


You can choose the colors that represent each parent on your Custody X Change calendars.

Custody X Change offers several standard colors. Select one color for each of you. Or if you prefer, choose custom colors using the plus button.

What the other parent sees

If the other parent subscribes to Custody X Change, they'll also be able to choose a name, icon and color for each parent. Even if you link accounts, you'll each see the information you entered, regardless of what the other person entered.