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A visual parenting calendar is what brings your written custody schedule to life. It allows parents, attorneys, mediators and judges to make sense of a schedule at a glance.

Custody X Change is software that creates custody schedules and custody calendars.

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The Custody X Change app is here to help you not only describe a schedule in legal terminology, but also create a professional-quality calendar you can present in court or negotiations to bolster your case.

After your case, a Custody X Change calendar continues to support your family. Color-coded time blocks and push notifications allow you to focus on your children rather than on interpreting your custody schedule.

Create a calendar painlessly

Creating a custody schedule and calendar on your own can be exasperating, due to all the situations you have to plan for:

But Custody X Change makes it easy. In a matter of minutes, you can design schedules for every situation and fuse them into one master calendar.

Start by choosing from popular templates to customize, or by selecting days and times from scratch. Then watch as your choices automatically appear in your parenting plan (in writing) and on your calendar (in click-and-drag time blocks).

The app makes creating a schedule and calendar painless, with options like:


Exploring your options is easy; create as many drafts as you want, copying from an existing calendar or starting anew. Presenting various possibilities accelerates negotiations and demonstrates flexibility to a judge.

Unlimited calendars

Think of a calendar like a physical day planner; if your situation would require more than one planner, you'll want more than one Custody X Change calendar, particularly if your children follow different schedules.

With the app, you can see exchanges from multiple calendars at once, plus switch between calendars with the click of a button.

Instant parenting time calculations

Your calendar data feeds into a detailed report that shows how parents divide caretaking during any period.

The instant calculations help you construct a schedule with your desired timeshare, and can also play an instrumental role in negotiations, court exhibits and child support calculations.

Non-parent time

Most children have moments when they're not with a parent. Mark these as third-party time to add clarity to your calendar, plus improve the accuracy of your parenting time calculations.

You can use the third-party label whenever your children aren't spending time with a parent: during school, visits to grandparents, even sleeping hours.

Linking and printing

You have multiple options for sharing your calendar to get feedback or collaborate.

Any Custody X Change account you link to can view your calendars. In addition, paid accounts you link to can make edits, prompting an automatic notification. You also can opt to print your work or save it as a PDF.

Use the calendar to adhere to your schedule

When your schedule takes effect, a custody calendar becomes a lifeline by showing you when to transfer the kids back and forth.

Staying on schedule isn't just important for keeping your family organized. You must comply with your court-ordered timetable to avoid being brought before a judge or even charged with a crime.

We know you don't get a break to consult your court order between sports practices and homework help, so Custody X Change can alert your phone or computer when an exchange is approaching.

You can also open the app at any moment to see which parent has the legal right to time with the children. It may sound simple, but custody orders are overwhelming, thanks to overlapping elements like holiday schedules and one-time events. Let Custody X Change interpret which element takes precedence when.

Here are some other ways the app helps you follow your custody schedule:

Integration with noncustody events

Keep track of your custody schedule and daily agenda in one place. Your activities center displays custody transfers alongside doctors appointments, birthday parties and any other event you don't want to forget — even work commitments.

You can choose how and when to receive notifications about upcoming activities.

Syncing, linking and printing

Share your calendar with the other parent, a caretaker or your child to keep everyone on the same page.

You have several options: link their Custody X Change account, sync with any major calendaring app they use (like Google Calendar or Outlook), print the calendar for them and more.

Quick editing

Asking the court to make changes to your schedule is arduous, but editing your Custody X Change calendar is instantaneous; just click and drag.

It's an easy way to keep track of adjustments parents agree on, whether they're one-time events or recurring changes.

Actual parenting time tracking

On your actual time calendar, note the instances when one parent doesn't follow the schedule as ordered. Your actual parenting time report updates instantly.

Use this data to motivate the other parent to follow a schedule better, to discuss changes with them, or to ask the court for a modification.


Here's what some of our customers have said:

I used Custody X Change extensively during renegotiations for summer and holiday visitation. The software was very easy to use. ... I would recommend this product to any parent.

Chimena Taylor – San Diego, CA

It can be tailored to fit your unique schedule with holidays and vacations, plus it breaks the time share down. ... The judge adopted my plan that I came up with using custody exchange. Thank you so much it was invaluable.

Stacie Staples – Arroyo Grande, CA

The calendar feature was a powerful visual tool to come up with three possible visitation schedules to present to the judge.

Tom Ferguson – Waterbury, CT

Custody X Change is software that creates custody schedules and custody calendars.

Make My Custody Calendar Now

Custody X Change is software that creates custody schedules and custody calendars.

Make My Calendar

Custody X Change is software that creates custody schedules and custody calendars.

Make My Custody Calendar Now

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