Label, Filter and Search Your Custody Journal

To pull up particular journal entries in Custody X Change, you can filter, search or both. You'll be able to print all the resulting entries at once.

Before you filter, you must label your entries.


When you label an entry, you say what it's about in a few words. This allows you to filter your entries down to ones on a certain topic.

Choose labels based on the reasons you're likely to print out entries — like to prove that you've stayed on top of your child's health condition or that your co-parent hasn't been taking your child to school.

Don't make a label that you expect to use for only one entry. Labels are meant for grouping entries.

You can give an entry as many labels as you find useful.


Filter to view only the entries with certain labels.

Filtering is best when you want to see entries that are related but don't share an unusual keyword. If they all use a helpful keyword, you could search for that instead.

On the journal home page, choose one or more labels from the drop-down menu.


To search, type keywords, months and/or years into the search bar on your journal home page. For example, you might search, "school March."