Setting Up Notifications: Exchange Reminders, Etc.

Custody X Change automatically notifies you inside the app when an account linked to yours makes changes to your calendar, child info, activities or expenses. It also notifies you when the other parent sends you a message.

You'll see notifications under the bell icon at the top right of your screen.

To receive notifications outside the app — not only about revisions by a linked account, but also about upcoming exchanges and activities, if you choose — you'll need to adjust your notifications settings.

Start by visiting your account settings. (Click the user icon in the top right corner, then select "account settings.")

Scroll down to the notifications section, and click "edit."

You'll land on your notifications settings page. Find an overview of how each section works below.

Push notifications permission

A push notification pops up on your device and doesn't require you to open any programs. It's the most immediate way to receive information from Custody X Change.

Note: If you'd rather be informed by email only, skip to the next section on the page, "linked account changes."

Before you can receive push notifications, you must give permission from your devices.

If the browser you're using doesn't have permission on your current device, you'll see an "activate" option at the top of your notifications settings page. Click it, then give permission if a pop-up window appears. Watch the number of active devices/browsers go up by one.

Repeat this process on each device where you want to receive push notifications.

To retract permission, click "deactivate" after logging in on the device where you no longer want to receive notifications.

Once you've allowed push notifications, you need to choose when you'll receive them. Do this in the following sections.

If you're having trouble receiving push notifications on an iPhone, make sure you're using iOS 16.4 or later. And on a Mac, make sure you're using Safari 16 in macOS 13 or later.

Linked account changes

Do you want to be notified outside the app when an account linked to yours edits one of your items?

If so, choose whether you'd like to be informed by email, push notification or both for each type action: changes to your calendar, activities, expenses, messages and child info.

If you choose push notifications, make sure to give permission to your devices (explained above). Remember that push notifications aren't currently supported on Apple products.

Exchange reminders

You don't want to be late to an exchange. Picking up or dropping off your child on time is a legal requirement, as set out in your court orders.

Here, set reminders so an exchange never slips your mind.

First, choose whether you want to be notified by email, push notification or both. If you choose push notification, make sure to give permission on your devices (explained above in "push notifications permission").

Then, choose how far in advance of a exchange to want to receive the alert.

Finally, if you have multiple calendars, you'll see an option to select which calendars you want to receive alerts about.

Activity reminders

Activities are events that don't involve custody exchanges. They can be for anything, from appointments to play dates.

In this section, you'll tell the app when and how you want to receive activity reminders.

First, choose whether you want to be notified by email, push notification or both. If you choose push notification, make sure to give permission on your devices (explained above in "push notifications permission").

Then, decide if you want to be notified during your custody time, during the other parent's custody time or during both periods.

If you enter only your child's activities into the app, you shouldn't need notifications during the other parent's time. The other parent is responsible for getting the child to activities then.

However, if you enter your own activities into the app (e.g., work meetings), you'll want notifications regardless of who has custody.

Click the appropriate toggles and enter the amount of warning time you'd like.

You can also choose specific reminder settings when you add an activity. If you don't make selections for that activity, the settings you chose above will apply by default.


Simply click the "edit" button to select the timezone you want your calendars and notifications to follow.

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