Frequently Asked Questions:

Note: This is the FAQ page for the web-app that can be used on Macs, phones and tablets. There is a separate FAQ page for the Windows-only desktop software.


Where's the feature I was looking for?

We haven't implemented everything that the Windows-only software does. If it's not inside the app, we unfortunately don't have it yet.

Alternatively, you can find the feature you're looking for by visiting our site from a Windows computer and downloading our Windows-only desktop custody software.

What's your timeline for new features?

We have a lot of things planned and in the works. Here's our best guess as to when we'll release them:

  1. Aug 2017: Parenting plans
  2. Sep 2017: Printable actual time calendars
  3. Oct 2017: Enhanced parenting plans with provisions
  4. Nov 2017: Share your calendar with the other parent and with the kids
  5. Dec 2017: More calendar features: summer break definitions and international holidays
  6. Jan 2018: Share documents and files with the other parent
  7. Feb 2018: More calendar features: schedules based on months, spring / winter breaks
  8. Mar 2018: Children's activities, shared between parents and kids
  9. Apr 2018: Enhanced calculation reports with mini calendars and data tables
  10. Jun 2018: Expense tracking
  11. Jul 2018: In-app messaging between parents
  12. Sep 2018: Attorney client features
  13. Oct 2018: Migrate the desktop software data and customer accounts
  14. Nov 2018: Native apps for Android and iOS
  15. Jan 2019: Tutorial videos and walkthroughs

Please let us know any feedback you have about any planned feature or anything you'd like to see implemented.

I purchased the Windows desktop software. Where is my account?

This web-app is not compatible with our Windows-only desktop software; it's a completely different system. If you're a customer of the Windows-only desktop software, then you can continue to use that for as long as you'd like -- but this web-app won't have your data or your account.

When this web-app can do everything that the Windows-only desktop software can do, we're going let people import their data. We'll email all of our customers who've purchased the Windows-only software, and provide them with some free usage of this web-app.

See the timeline above for our current projection as to when it will be ready.

Will the other parent need to purchase to have access?

No, we don't want "having to purchase" be an excuse someone gives for not using the app. The shared features will be available on the free plan, including reminders about events and in-app messaging.

Can I use the web-app as an attorney?

No, attorneys don't have access to this web-app yet. See the timeline above for our current projection as to when it will be ready.


How can I promote your software?

Please share it on social media and link to us from your blog or website. If you run a website in a closely-related niche, you can join our affiliate program.

I have a legal question about my case, schedule, or proposed plan, etc.

Please consult a qualified legal professional. The Custody X Change website and software are not intended or offered as legal advice, nor does the use thereof guarantee any particular outcome. Please do not contact us with legal questions; we are unable to answer them.