Frequently Asked Questions:

Note: This is the FAQ page for the web-app that can be used on Macs, phones and tablets. There is a separate FAQ page for the Windows-only desktop software.


Will the other parent need to purchase to have access?

No, we don't want "having to purchase" be an excuse someone gives for not using the app. The other parent can access the shared calendar without purchasing.

What's shared and what's private, if I share with the other parent?

Shared: the Calendar is shared (Repeating Schedules, Holidays, and One-time Events); the Scheduled Calculations is shared (if purchased), because they're based on those shared parts of the calendar; the expenses are shared; the activities are shared.

Private: the Actual Time part of the calendar is private; the Actual Time Calculations are private, because your Actual Time Events are private; your Parenting Plan data is private; your Journal is private.

Can I use the web-app as an attorney?

Yes. You can also link accounts with your clients and see any updates they make.

Parenting Plans:

Is the software's parenting plan accepted by the courts where I live?

While there is no universal form that's guaranteed to be accepted in every court, Custody X Change's parenting plan document has been accepted by courts in all 50 US states, Canada, Australia, and many other countries. The parenting plan can be easily modified to fit your situation and your court's requirements or simply included as an attachment.

Windows-only Desktop Software:

I purchased the Windows desktop software. Where is my account?

This web-app is not compatible with our Windows-only desktop software; it's a completely different system. If you're a customer of the Windows-only desktop software, then you can continue to use that for as long as you'd like -- but this web-app won't have your data or your account.

When this web-app can do everything that the Windows-only desktop software can do, we're going let people import their data. We'll email all of our customers who've purchased the Windows-only software, and provide them with an upgrade path and/or some free usage of this web-app. We're not sure when that will be ready; right now our best guess is Q3 2019.


I have a legal question about my case, schedule, or proposed plan, etc.

Please consult a qualified legal professional. The Custody X Change website and software are not intended or offered as legal advice, nor does the use thereof guarantee any particular outcome. Please do not contact us with legal questions; we are unable to answer them.