Using Custody X Change as a Professional: Overview

The professional version of Custody X Change includes an additional feature: the clients tab. This section of the app organizes your clients' information for instant retrieval.

For professional users, this is your homepage. When you first sign in, it's the only tab you'll see; click on a client's name to see more tabs pop up specific to them.

As you work in the other tabs, pay attention to which client you've selected. If you want to switch clients, return to the client tab and click a new name.

If there are multiple professionals working in your office, you can create a professional group to work on their clients as well.

Things you can do within the client section include add or delete a client, create templates for custody schedules or parenting plans, and link accounts with your clients. See below for details on each.

Add or delete a client

To add a client, click the "new client" button and enter their name. After clicking "next," choose whether you want to import another client's parenting plan and custody schedules.

You'll be taken to the new client's settings page, where you can input their information and assign them a color for calendars.

To delete a client, click their name under the "clients" tab. Then click the red "delete" button that appears on the left side of the page (or at the top of the page if you're on a phone).

You can also update a client's name by using the "rename" button next to "delete."

Create schedule or parenting plan templates

You can use the process to add a client (described above) to store templates in your Custody X Change account. Instead of inputting a client name, insert a template name. Then create the schedules and/or parenting plan you want to save for future use.

To apply your template to a client, choose "start from an existing client's data" when you enter him or her into the Custody X Change app. Then select the corresponding template's name.

Sharing with clients

Sharing with a client links their Custody X Change account so you can collaborate in real time. Digital collaboration keeps everyone on the same page while cutting down on emails and calls.

To share, click your client's name in the "clients" tab. (If you need to add the client first, see above.) Then click the blue "share" button that appears on the left side of the page (or at the top of the page if you're on a phone). Type in your client's information, and hit "send."

When the client accepts your invite, the two accounts will be linked, and you'll see a "shared" tag next to their name. Clients can also initiate sharing.

When an account linked to yours makes changes, a red "updated" icon will appear next to their name. To see what they've updated, click on their name, then the bell icon at the top right of the app. You'll also receive notifications by email. Adjust your notifications settings to receive push notifications on your devices or to opt out of email updates.

To unshare, click the client's name under the "clients" tab. Then hit "unshare" on the left side of the page (or at the top of the page if you're on a phone).

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