Updating Your Parenting Plan Settings

In your parenting plan settings, you can change preferences specific to your plan. This is different from account settings, where you make changes that affect your entire account.

To begin, click the "parenting plan" tab.

Note: Each plan has its own settings. If you have multiple plans, click "plans" now, and select the one you want to update from the drop-down menu. (On small devices, the "plans" button may be a gray box two people on it.)

Next, click "settings" in the top right of the page. You should see this:

Follow the instructions and tips below to adjust each setting. (If you're looking to make changes not covered here, explore other ways to edit your plan.)

When you've finished updating, scroll to the bottom of the settings page and hit "save."

To see how your changes affect the document, view your plan in print preview.

Document title

This is a required field. The default is "PARENTING PLAN DOCUMENT." Other potential titles you could use include:

  • Child Custody and Visitation Order
  • Agreed Parenting Plan
  • Temporary Custody Agreement
  • Anything that meets the specific needs of your case

Check if your court requires a specific title.

Document subtitle

This is a required field. The default is "Child Custody and Visitation Order Attachment." Other potential subtitles you could use include:

  • Name of your court (e.g. 53rd Civil District Court)
  • Name of your state or county
  • Anything that meets the specific needs of your case

Check if your court requires a specific subtitle.

Effective date

This is the day you want your parenting plan to become enforceable.

If you don't select a date, the app will assume you want the plan to become effective on the first day your calendar has an entry.

If you do include a date, you must also include a start time. You could use the time when an exchange will occur, or 12:01 a.m. or any other time that makes sense for your family.


By default, your plan will used the phrases "lives with" and "spends time with" to describe parenting time. To instead use the terms "custody" and "visitation," click the second toggle in this section.

For example, choosing the second toggle would turn the phrase "a routine for the mother to spend time with the children" into "a routine for the mother's right of visitation with the children."

Some states, courts and judges prefer one of the phrasings over the other. If yours prefers something unique, you can edit specific terms after you save your plan as a Word document.

Child information

For your plan to be enforceable, you must enter the full names of all the children it applies to. Enter their birthdates, as well, since most courts require this.

Calculations display

Your parenting plan's introductory paragraph explains what percentage of time each parent will spend with the children during the first year of the plan.

You can change the dates the calculation pulls from.

This adjustment can alter the timeshare associated with each parent, without actually changing your custody schedules.

Signature section

Check the box in this section if you want your plan to include a place for both parents to sign. A signature section is required if you want to use the plan as a legal document.

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