Sending and Viewing Messages

The first step to messaging the other parent on Custody X Change is to link accounts with them. Both accounts must have active subscriptions.

Once your accounts are linked, click on the "messages" tab to start conversing. (On small screens, hit "more" first.)

Sending messages

To start a new conversation thread, click "new message" in the top right of the app.

On a phone, the button might just have a + sign.

At the top of the next screen, enter a subject, and at the bottom, type your message. All messages go to the other parent in your custody arrangement, so you don't have to enter a recipient.

To write in an existing thread, select it from your message center. When the thread appears, type your message at the bottom.

If you type negative words into any message, the app will alert you so you can reassess. If you still choose to send hostile words, they get called out when either parent creates a messages report.

To add an attachment to a message, click the plus button. Then select an image or document up to 25MB.

To send your message, click the blue arrow. After, you won't be able to unsend or delete.

When the other parent views your message, the circle next to the thread in the message center changes to a check mark. Within the thread, "read" appears next to the message, along with the time that it was viewed.

After the first message in a thread has been sent, both parents can add labels. The other parent cannot see your labels, and you cannot see theirs.

Viewing messages

As soon as the other parent sends a message, you get a notification within the Custody X Change app.

You'll also see the number of unread messages in the "messages" tab at the top of the app.

If you opted in to push notifications, you also get one on your phone — or on whichever device you've selected.

As soon as you open an unread message, the other parent sees a check mark next to the thread and "read" appears next to the specific message.

To view or print a particular thread or set of threads, you have two options: search and filter. You can also use the functions together.

Note that you cannot delete a message or thread. This is to maintain a complete and accurate record of communication between parents.