Printing and Exporting Your Custody Journal

Your custody journal is always accessible in the Custody X Change app, even when you're offline. To use it outside the app — perhaps in negotiations or in court — you can print entries or save them as a PDF or Word document. See how below.

Keep in mind that to work on your journal with your lawyer, you don't need to print or export. You can link Custody X Change accounts if your lawyer also subscribes.

Step 1: Filter

To begin, click the "journal" tab.

If you want to print all your entries, skip to Step 2.

To narrow down which entries you'll print or export, you can type keywords into the search bar. You can also type in a month and/or year. For example, you might search, "school March."

If you have labeled your entries, you can also filter by label using the drop-down menu. Select the labels for the entries you want to see.

Your matching entries will appear right away. If the results aren't exactly what you want, edit your entries to change what you wrote or how you labeled them, then filter your entries again.

Step 2: Print or export (save)

Click the print preview button (printer icon).

You'll be taken to a view of your printable, exportable journal. Entries you filtered out (if any) are also excluded from the printable version.

At top right, you'll see three buttons.

To save as a Word document, press the button on the left. A download will begin. When it finishes, you'll be able to open the document with a text editing program and make detailed edits (e.g., deleting entries and adjusting formatting).

To save as a PDF, press the middle button, and a download will begin. A PDF file looks the same on any screen, making the format great for sharing your journal electronically.

To print, press the button on the right, then choose your preferred settings. To skip entries, exclude their page numbers from the job. (For example, you could print pages 1–4, 7–9.)