Printing and Exporting Your Custody Journal

Your custody journal is always accessible in the Custody X Change app. To use it outside the app — in negotiations or in court — you can print entries or save them as a PDF or Word document.

Step 1: Filter

To begin, click the "journal" tab.

To narrow down which entries you'll print or export, click filter.

Then you can choose as many filters as you like. Choose the date range you want to see entries from or the tags you want the entries to have. Specify whether you want entries with or without attachments, or type in a term to search for.

Your matching entries will appear automatically.

Step 2: Print or export

When you're happy with the entries you see, click the print preview button. You'll be taken to a view of your printable, exportable journal.

To print the journal, select the last green button in the top right corner of the screen, then choose the appropriate settings for your printer.

To save it as a Word document, click the first green button. A download will automatically begin. When it finishes, you'll be able to open the document with a text editing program and make detailed edits.

To save as a PDF, click the "save as PDF" button, and a download will begin automatically. A PDF file looks the same on any screen, making the format great for sharing your journal electronically.

Custody X Change is software that provides parents with an easy to use custody journal.

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