Expense Tracker: How To Record Repayment Details

The Custody X Change expense tracker can help you keep tabs on your child-related spending and get reimbursed for costs shared with the other parent.

If you're just getting started, learn how to add, edit or delete an expense. You can also record that one of you refuses to pay the requested amount.

Here's how to record a repayment or mark one as not received.

Add new repayment

To note that one parent has paid the other:

  1. Click the "new repayment" button. You'll be taken to an entry screen.

  2. The "date paid" prefills as today's date. You can change it. (This field is required.)

  3. Select the parent who's repaying the other. (This radio button is required.)

  4. Next, enter the amount paid (required field).

    If you want a different currency symbol, update your location in your account settings.

  5. Choose how the parent paid: by cash, check, PayPal, Apple Pay, etc. Or add a new payment method.

  6. On the next line, you can type in a check or reference number.

  7. Under "description," explain what the payment was for or add other details.

  8. Next, choose whether you want to put the payment toward specific expenses (required field).

    If you do, specify which expenses by checking them. As you check expenses off, the amount owed for each one will update to show that the repayment has been applied.

    If the expenses you check total more than the payment, the payment will be applied to the oldest of those expenses until it's used up.

  9. Finally, you can attach an image of a check, bank statement or other documentation related to the payment.

  10. Hit save. You'll be taken back to the main page of your expense tracker. If you don't see your new entry, click the date options at the top left corner of the page to find it.

Edit or delete repayment

You can only edit and delete repayments you recorded.

If you object to an expense recorded in the app by your co-parent, learn how to refuse to pay the requested amount.

  1. If you have a lot of expenses, narrow the ones you see by choosing a date range and/or category.

  2. When you see the repayment you want, click its date or payment method.

  3. If the payment wasn't received, select the checkbox for "not received". You can enter a reason.

  4. Make any other changes you want, and hit "save". Or to delete the repayment entirely, hit "delete" in the lower right corner. Your changes will instantly be reflected on the main expenses page.

Mark whether the repayment was received

If the other parent originally recorded the repayment in the app, the only detail you can edit is whether the repayment was received.

  1. On the main expenses page, select a date range in the top left corner that contains the repayment you want. You can filter by category to narrow your search further.

  2. Click the date or method of the repayment.

  3. On the next screen, scroll down and press "payment not received".

  4. Add a reason if you like.

  5. Hit "save." Back on the main expenses page, this repayment will be grouped with any others that were "unreceived".

If you change your mind about whether it was received

Click the repayment and change your response to "payment was received".