Expense Tracker: How to Add, Edit or Delete an Expense

To add, edit or delete an expense, first click the "expenses" tab. (On a phone, you may need to click "more" first.) Then follow the appropriate steps below.

Once an expense has been entered, you may refuse to pay the requested amount or mark that your co-parent refuses to pay.

Add new expense

To record a child-related expense incurred by either parent:

  1. First, click the "new expense" button. You'll be taken to an entry screen.

  2. The "date purchased" prefills as today's date. You can change it. (This field is required.)

  3. Select the parent who paid. (This radio button is required.)

  4. Type the total amount paid. (This field is required.)

    If you want a different currency symbol, update your location in your account settings.

  5. Select a category from the list, or type in a new category.

    If you create a new category, it will be added to the list for future entries.

  6. Type in how much the other parent is responsible for, as a percent of the total. If you're not asking for repayment, enter 0.

    The amount they owe for this expense will appear. If it's not correct, adjust the numbers you entered under "amount" or "reimburse %."

  7. Add a few words so you can recognize this expense on your report.

  8. If you want, add more details describing the expense.

  9. If this is a recurring expense — for example, monthly tuition — check the box to choose how often the cost should appear in your expense tracker. Decide if it should go on forever or if it should stop after a set number of times or on a certain date.

  10. Finally, you can attach a receipt, invoice or other documentation related to the expense.

  11. Hit save. You'll be taken back to the main page of your expense tracker. If you don't see your new entry, click the date options at the top left corner of the page to find it.

Edit or delete an expense that you recorded

You can edit or delete an expense only if you were the one who originally recorded it.

  1. If you have a lot of expenses, narrow the ones you see by choosing a date range and/or category on the main expenses page.

    If the expense you want is in the future, select "other dates" and enter a specific date range.

  2. Click the date or title of the expense you want to edit.

  3. Make your changes, and hit save. Or to delete the expense entirely, hit "delete" in the lower right corner.

    Your changes will instantly be reflected on the main expenses page.