How to Make One-Time Changes to Your Schedule

Use one-time changes to enter schedule adjustments that do not repeat and that both parents agree to.

The adjustments can be for any time period; mom may want to take the child to a show for two hours during dad's time, or dad may want to take the child on a week-long trip that overlaps with mom's time.

You can also use one-time entries to create an entire parenting schedule, if your schedule will not repeat. This requires parents to constantly make mutual decisions about time with the children. Due to the complexity involved, we recommend using a repeating schedule and occasional one-time events.

There are two ways to make one-time changes. For both, you'll start by clicking the "calendar" tab.

Option 1: Use the changes tab

Your first option is to click the "changes" tab to the left of your calendar (beneath your calendar if you're on a phone), then hit the "new change" button.

You'll see a box where you can enter a title for the event, a start date and time, and an end date and time. Assign the event to a parent or third party, and hit "allocate."

Option 2: Work directly in calendar

Alternatively, you can click on the calendar wherever you want to make the change.

If you click at the start or end of a custody/visitation period, you'll be prompted to enter a new exchange time. (Clicking the "repeating" box applies the new time to future exchanges, making this a schedule change rather than a one-time change.)

If you click in the middle of a custody or visitation period, you'll be able to insert the details of a new visit. (Again, clicking the "repeating" box makes this a recurring visit, changing your schedule as a whole.)

Other edits

To update your one-time change, click its name under the "changes" tab, or click its block on the calendar.

To enter an event that doesn't affect who has custody or visitation — such as a dentist appointment during your time with the child — use the activities tool.

If you need to make different kinds of edits, you have several options, such as renaming or moving your schedule and adding repeating visits.

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