Custody X Change Calendars and Schedules Explained

In Custody X Change, your parenting schedules appear on calendars. Think of a calendar as the grid and a schedule as what fills the grid.

Using schedules in Custody X Change

A schedule is a framework for how parents share time with their child.

Most families use several types of schedules on one calendar:

  • Regular schedule: This is your usual parenting routine.
  • Summer/seasonal schedule: This overrides your regular schedule, usually for a few weeks or months.
  • Holiday schedule: This overrides your regular and seasonal schedules, usually for a few hours or days. You create one per holiday.

You can also make one-time changes, which override all schedules.

In the image above, you can see that the Mother's Day holiday schedule overrides the regular schedule for May 14. The summer schedule overrides the regular schedule beginning May 31.

Using calendars in Custody X Change

A calendar groups your schedules together so you can see who has custody at any time.

Many people only need one calendar.

You might use more than one calendar if you're creating drafts or if your children follow different custody schedules.

Here's why: A calendar can only show one of each schedule type at a time. In other words, you cannot have two overlapping regular schedules or two overlapping holiday schedules. In those cases, you would need two calendars.

When you're ready to create a schedule

Your first calendar is created automatically. All you have to do is add schedules to it.

Start by creating your regular custody schedule.