Printing, Saving and Sharing Your Parenting Time Report

Your parenting time report is always accessible in Custody X Change with up-to-the-moment calculations.

You may want to print, save or share it to help you negotiate with the other parent, file a settlement or present evidence in court.

Getting ready to print, save or share

To access your parenting time report, first click the "calendar" tab.

In the top right corner, you’ll see two human figures alongside percentages. This is a preview of your report. To see the full thing, click "calculation report" (or the pie chart icon, on smaller screens).

Once your report is open, choose the time period you want calculations for. To see data for the next 12 or 24 months, click the appropriate box at the top left of the screen. For other dates, including ones in the past, click the "custom dates" box, and fill in the fields that appear.

Next, choose whether you prefer the report in color or black and white. Check or uncheck the box at the top right of your screen to switch.

If you want to adjust the data itself, edit your schedules or consider factors that impact your parenting time.

To update the parent information that appears in the report — name, gender, assigned color — visit your account settings. (Click the user icon in the top right corner of the app, and select "account settings" from the drop-down menu.)


To print, click the "print" button at the top right of your report.

This will pull up printing options based on the device you're using (like paper size, number of copies, etc.) Make sure the printer you want to use is selected.

If you only want to print specific pages, type their numbers into the field marked "pages" or "page range."

Hit "print" when you’re ready.

Saving as a PDF

A PDF file looks the same regardless of your software, hardware or operating system. This makes PDF a great format to save your parenting time report in.

There’s only one step: click the "save as PDF" button at the top right of your report. (On smaller screens, the button has a document icon on it.) This downloads a file to your computer titled "Calculations.pdf," which you can rename, print, email and use in many other ways.

Sharing with a linked account

To share an up-to-the-moment report — with the other parent, your attorney or others — set up linked Custody X Change accounts.

Any paid account linked to yours can see your parenting time report update in real time. The person with the linked account can also make changes to the report and your calendars, prompting the app to send you notifications.

Custody X Change analyzes your custody schedule to create a detailed parenting time report.

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