Sharing Your Actual Time Report or Calendar

Your Custody X Change actual parenting time report and actual parenting time calendar can be convincing tools when you want to change your parenting schedule or motivate the other parent to follow the schedule.

You might show the report or calendar to the other parent, a judge, a mediator, etc.

To share with any of these people, you have three options (explained in detail below): export, print or save as PDF. For all of these, you'll first click the "actual time" tab.

To share with your lawyer, you have an additional option: linking Custody X Change accounts.

Exporting your calendar

Exporting your actual time calendar means you download its data to a file, which you can then pass to a recipient for uploading in a spreadsheet tool like Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets.

  1. Click the "actual time report" button above your actual time calendar.

  2. Scroll down to the bottom of your report and click "export actual exchange data."

  3. Your device will begin downloading a CSV file, which you can then share with your recipient via email, thumb drive, etc.

To view the CSV file in a spreadsheet, follow instructions from your spreadsheet tool to upload the file.

When you make changes to your actual time calendar, you'll need to do a new export in order to see the changes reflected.

Printing your actual time calendar

  1. Click the "print preview" button that appears above your actual time calendar. (On your phone, the button may be a gray box with a printer image.)

  2. At the top of the preview you're taken to, select which months to print: the previous 12 months, previous 24 months or other dates.

  3. If you want to print in black and white, uncheck the box titled "color."

  4. Click "print" to send the document to your printer.

Saving your actual time calendar as a PDF

A PDF is ideal if you want to share a printable image of your calendar via email or another electronic method.

  1. Follow the steps for printing above.

  2. Instead of clicking "print," click "save as PDF." (On your phone, the button may appear as a green box with a document icon.) A download will begin.

Custody X Change tracks your actual parenting time in calendar and report formats.

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