How to Update Your Actual Parenting Time

You can use Custody X Change to track how the parenting time you actually get compares with the time you were assigned by the court.

To do this, use the actual time feature to record any changes to your schedule that were not agreed upon.

Entering an actual time change

To begin, click the "actual time" tab. (On a phone, you may need to hit the "more" option first.)

To the left of the calendar — or below it, on a phone — click "new entry." Alternatively, you can click and drag the time block you want to change on the calendar.

If you chose "new entry," you'll have the option to add a few words describing the reason for the change. This can help you remember the circumstances behind the adjustment.

Next, choose which parent will now have the time with the child, and when the calendar change should start and end.

Below that, select which parent caused the change (called blame). If no one is to blame, you can select that option, or record a one-time event instead.

Lastly, hit "save."

Your new time block will appear on the actual time calendar with a thick border. If you listed a reason, it will show up at the bottom of the time block.

You can also view your actual time changes next to or beneath your calendar, depending on the device you're using.

Editing or deleting an actual time entry

First, click on the "actual time" tab. (On a phone, you may need to hit the "more" option first.)

Next, you have two ways to find an actual time entry you made previously.

  1. Scroll through the calendar to the month of your entry, using the arrows above the calendar.
  2. Look in the box marked "Actual Time" (beneath or to the left of your calendar, depending on the device you're using). You may need to click the "show all" option.

When you see the entry you're searching for, click it.

A box will open. To edit, make your changes and hit "save." To delete, use the red button in the lower right corner.

Custody X Change analyzes your actual parenting time to create a detailed report.

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