How to Enter, Edit or Delete an Activity

Your activities center is where you enter events that don't affect who has custody or visitation. It's a place for tracking where you need to be and when you need to be there.

To enter an event that will affect custody or visitation, make a one-time change on your calendar instead. Or, to keep track of events that changed parenting time in the past, use your actual time tracker.

Entering an activity

  1. Click the "activities" tab.

  2. The current week will appear, with today highlighted.

    If you're looking for another week, scroll to it using the arrows on either side of the month's name.

    To return to the current week at any point, hit the "today" button.

  3. When you get to the date of your activity, click the block that aligns with your activity's start time.

  4. In the box that opens, enter the details of your activity: title, start and end times, etc.

    Users with multiple calendars will need to select one from the drop-down menu they're shown. This determines which calendar the new activity corresponds with.

    Pay attention to the note telling you if this activity falls during your custody time or the other parent's time. Events that require a change in custody time should be entered as one-time schedule changes, not activities.

  5. Click "more options."

  6. If your activity repeats, check the box under "recurring."

    Specify how often the activity should repeat and when the repetition should end.

  7. Finally, decide if you want a reminder about this activity.

    You can override your overall notifications settings by choosing "no reminder" or by specifying here how far in advance you want to be alerted.

    You'll only receive the alerts if you have activity reminders enabled.

  8. Hit "save." Your activity is ready to go.

Editing or deleting an activity

  1. Click on the "activities" tab.

  2. The current week will appear, with today highlighted.

    If your activity takes place another week, scroll to it using the arrows on either side of the month's name.

  3. When you get to your activity, click it.

  4. A box will open. To edit, make your changes and hit "save." To delete, use the red button in the lower right corner.

    If the activity is set to repeat, you'll have to choose whether you want your changes to apply to every occurrence going forward or just the one you have open.

Making other changes to activities

For other changes, adjust your activities settings.

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