Child Custody During US Holidays

3-day weekends
Monday holidays like Memorial Day and Labor Day provide a three-day weekend for many people. Dividing and sharing these holiday weekends is an important part of your holiday schedule.

Martin Luther King Jr. Day
MLK Day creates a three-day weekend for many parents and children. Plan for it accordingly.

Lincoln's Birthday
If you live in a state that observes Lincoln Day, it's highly recommended you incorporate the holiday into your divorce visitation schedule.

Presidents Day
You and the other parent can agree to any Presidents Day arrangement that works for your situation.

Memorial Day
Divorced parents should include Memorial Day in their holiday visitation schedule, especially if they get the day off of work or their child gets the day off of school.

Don't forget to plan for the newest federal holiday. Where will you child spend it?

Independence Day
Family celebrations are an integral part of the Fourth of July, so it's important parents figure out how they'll divide time with the kids.

Labor Day
Children of divorced families need a schedule that addresses holidays like Labor Day, which both parents may want to spend with the kids.

Columbus Day
Columbus Day, also known as Indigenous Peoples Day, provides many families with a three-day weekend. It's common for parents to designate visitation time specifically for the holiday.

Halloween largely centers around the kids trick-or-treating in the evening hours, so it presents unique scheduling options.

Veterans Day
Because most schools close in observance of Veterans Day, parenting agreements should include plans for this holiday.

Thanksgiving and Thanksgiving weekend are times when both parents want to be with the child; you want to make solid arrangements.

Thanksgiving Day: Time for Dad
If Thanksgiving Day falls during Mom's time according to your regular parenting schedule, there are many ways you can add in time for Dad (or vice versa).

Thanksgiving weekend: Time for Mom
If you're a separated mom, you probably want to see your children during Thanksgiving weekend. Here are some ways you can.