Custody Advice

Where to begin:

Child custody advice
Common custody terms, getting started on a parenting agreement and where to turn for more information.

Child custody and visitation guidelines
These guidelines can help you through your custody case.

Child custody rules
Play by the custody rules, and you're likely to get the time you want with your children.

Child custody information and resources
With so many decisions to make, you need access to the best child custody information.

Choosing a parenting arrangement:

Co-parenting involves working with your ex to raise your child.

Parallel parenting
Parallel parenting lets both parents be involved in their child's life but interact with each other minimally.

Single parenting
Single parenting puts one parent in charge of providing all or the vast majority of their child's care.

Building a case:

How to win child custody
Winning child custody means getting final orders for the custody arrangement that serves your child's best interests. Here's how to make it happen.

Getting the best child custody order
Your custody order should give you ample time with your children. When you petition for a child custody order, use software to get much more visitation time.

Advice for specific situations:

Child custody when there's no court order
Find out how marital status determines who has custodial rights when there isn't a custody order.

The right to know where your child is during visitation
Do you have the right to know where your child is when they visit the other parent? Find out how you can guarantee you do.

How to de-escalate tension between you and your ex
Your divorce is not the end of your relationship when you have kids. When you co-parent, you must keep in contact in one way or another with your children's other parent.

7 ways to lose custody of your child: Moms and dads
A mother or a father can lose custody if they abuse, neglect, or otherwise endanger their child. Learn about the seven ways either parent can lose custody.

Who claims the child on US taxes with 50/50 custody
You should know who can claim your child on taxes when you have joint custody. If you can't agree, the IRS will decide for you. Find out how.

Full guides:

Mindful co-parenting guide: Helping children cope with divorce
If you are currently undergoing – or anticipating – a divorce or separation and feel worried about the welfare of your children, this guide will help.

Financial planning ultimate guide: Helping single parents with divorce
Divorce can have a devastating impact on your bank account, especially with children involved. This guide will help you navigate the divorce process effectively so that you can still adequately support yourself and your children.