Custody in Special Circumstances


Supervised visitation
When supervised visitation is necessary and how it works.

Supervised exchanges
When supervised exchanges are necessary and how they differ from supervised visits.

Long-distance families:

Interstate parenting plans and visitation schedules
Information about making a parenting plan and custody schedule when parents live in different states.

A father's word about out-of-state custody
Moving to a different state without your child can be tough. In this interview, a father details his experience with interstate child custody.

International custody agreements
You'll have to make special accommodations if one parent moves to a different country. Stipulate in your custody agreement how to handle such a move to protect your child and your parental rights.

Problems with a co-parent:

Co-parenting with a narcissist: Tips and strategies
The strategies and tools you need to co-parent with a narcissist. Understand how narcissism impacts parenting and learn to communicate with your narcissist ex.

Domestic violence in family law | Abuse in custody cases
If you're alleging that the other parent has been abusive, learn what the court wants, which professionals can help, and how to present your case.

How restraining orders affect custody & co-parenting
Restraining orders make child custody especially complicated. Learn how they affect custody decisions, how to co-parent with a restraining order and more.

Parental alienation
Parental alienation is a controversial concept that proposes a parent can manipulate their child into rejecting their other parent.

Signs of inappropriate co-parenting, plus solutions
Co-parenting is all about working together. When parents do the opposite, you have inappropriate co-parenting. Learn the signs and how to combat it.

When a parent withholds medical info from the other parent
Accessing your child's medical info is essential to ensuring they get the care they need. Here's what you can do when a parent withholds information.

Problems with visitation:

What to do when the other parent withholds your child
Parents may resort to withholding their child to punish their ex. Here's what you can do to see your child again or protect your child from danger.

When can you deny visitation to the noncustodial parent?
Barring certain circumstances, denying the noncustodial parent their visitation rights can hurt your custodial rights. Learn when you can and cannot.

What happens if the noncustodial parent misses visitation?
Visitation does not always happen as scheduled. Find out what you can do as a custodial parent when the noncustodial parent misses visits.

How to write a visitation agreement letter
If your co-parent is making it hard for you to have your court-ordered parenting time, send a letter. Here's what to say and how to send it.

When parenting time conflicts with extracurricular activities
If you feel extracurriculars are eating into your parenting time, use these tips to incorporate them into your custody schedule fairly.

Other special circumstances:

Child custody when you're living with a new partner
What parents need to know about how living with a new partner can affect child custody.

Child custody issues for parents with mental illness
Mental illness could impact how a parent parents. Whether you or your ex is living with a mental illness, it will impact the custody decision.

Can you sign over child custody without going to court?
Signing over custody to a co-parent or relative is complicated. Here's what you should know before attempting to sign custody over outside of court.

Sample letter of consent to travel with 1 parent
Download our free PDF or Microsoft Word consent form for traveling with one parent. Bringing a letter helps you avoid travel delay and legal issues.

Custody of a dog or cat: Pet custody agreements
After a breakup, who gets to keep the dog or cat? Animals are legally property, but some courts may give you an order for sharing ownership with your ex.

Explore examples of common schedules

Explore common schedules

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