Age-Based Parenting Plan Guidelines


Successful custody agreements for newborns
The key to getting your custody agreement approved by the court is to create one that puts the needs of your newborn above your own wants and desires.

Creating a parenting plan for your newborn
A newborn's basic requirements for sleeping, eating and bonding are more strict than those of older children, requiring special consideration.

Successful custody agreements for infants
When you are making a custody agreement for an infant, always think about what is best for the child.

Parenting plan template for babies: Things to consider
Every parent of a child under 18 months old should keep these things in mind when making a parenting plan.

School-age children:

Parenting plans for school-age children
School-age children have different needs than younger or older children. Here's why.

Custody agreements for school-age children
Things to consider when creating a custody agreement for a child in school.


Creating parenting plans for teenagers
A detailed parenting plan will enable your teen to have a more structured and orderly life as he or she deals with the changes that divorce brings.

Custody agreements for teenagers
It can be difficult to keep up with the plans of any teenager. When the child has two homes, it becomes even harder to keep tabs on them.