Guide to Massachusetts Child Custody Topics

Where to begin:

Massachusetts child custody overview
Answers to your Massachusetts child custody questions. How much will it cost? How long will it take? Do I need a lawyer?

Massachusetts parenting plans and custody agreements
Rules and tips for making a Massachusetts parenting plan. Follow these guidelines for a plan you can show a judge or use to settle.

Massachusetts parenting schedule guidelines
Save time and ensure your parenting schedule meets Massachusetts requirements by using these guidelines. See popular schedules for different divisions of time.

Massachusetts child support calculator
Instantly determine your child support by entering your incomes, parenting time and number of children. See how different parenting times affect the total.

Step by step:

Court process: 7 steps to custody in Massachusetts
The child custody court process from start to finish, with all the resources you need along the way. How to file for custody, prepare for trial and more in Massachusetts.

Filing for child custody in Massachusetts: 4 steps
Follow these steps while filing to avoid mistakes that can stall your Massachusetts custody case. Links to the forms you need, details on how to serve papers and more.

Settling child custody in Massachusetts: 4 steps
Settling is considered the best way to decide custody. Follow these steps to prevent holding up your case. Free templates and forms.

Massachusetts child custody trials: What to expect
Are you ready for your custody trial? Learn what to bring, what to expect, possible outcomes and more.

More about Massachusetts custody:

Special circumstances in Massachusetts custody
No two custody cases are the same. Are you in the military? Do you have a criminal record? What other considerations might you be forgetting?

Massachusetts child custody resources and support
Where to turn for help with Massachusetts child custody. Links to help with litigation, child support, domestic violence and more.

Explore examples of common schedules