Guide to UK Child Arrangements Topics

Where to begin:

Child arrangements in the UK: Overview
Answers to your U.K. child arrangement questions. Do we have to go to court? What is shared parenting? Can I claim child benefit?

Parental responsibility and parental rights in the UK
Everything you need to know about parental responsibility. What it is, who has it, how to get it and why it is important.

Staying out of court:

UK parenting plan guidelines: Making your custody agreement
Tips for making a U.K. parenting plan. Follow these guidelines to create a plan you and the other parent can use to avoid court.

Schedules for child residence and contact in the UK
How to decide on a custody schedule, what to include and how to write it. Plus, popular schedules for different divisions of parenting time.

Resolving child arrangement disputes out of court (ADR)
Deciding child arrangements, residence and contact out of court is highly encouraged in the U.K. Explore three options to save money and time.

Going to court:

Family court orders in the UK: 7 most common ones explained
Consent Orders, Child Arrangements Orders, Specific Issue Orders, Prohibited Steps Orders and more explained.

England and Wales family court process: 7 steps to custody
How to get orders from Family Court in England and Wales. Includes required steps you may not know about: attending a mediation meeting, preparing a bundle, etc.

Family court process in Scotland: 5 steps to custody
The child arrangements process from start to finish in Scotland. How to apply for an order, prepare for hearings and proofs, etc.

Northern Ireland family court process: 5 steps to custody
The Northern Ireland process for Residence Orders and Contact Orders. How to apply and prepare for family cases.

Child maintenance:

Child maintenance: How to agree or use the formulas
Parents can agree on a maintenance amount, unless one asks the government to step in. Here's what many parents agree to and how the government calculates.

Bring calm to co‑parenting. Agree on a schedule and plan. Be prepared with everything documented.

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