Support for Michigan & Custody X Change: More Accurate Calculations

Use Support for Michigan and Custody X Change together

Get the most accurate child support amounts when you combine Custody X Change with Support for Michigan.

When Support for Michigan asks you for timeshare percentages, don't rely on guesswork or estimates. Instead, use Custody X Change to calculate total parenting time numbers from any custody schedule.

Enter those numbers into the appropriate field in the Support for Michigan program for an accurate and fair child support
amount based on Michigan's guidelines.

Custody X Change calculates parenting time percentages. Use it together with Support for Michigan to have more accurate child support calculations.

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Support for Michigan includes helpful features

Support for Michigan provides accurate calculations for a range of family law issues, such as child support, federal taxes and spousal maintenance amounts. It uses the most current formulas in its programming to ensure your results are compliant with Michigan state guidelines.

Updates to the software are sent as needed, whenever tax laws or state child support guidelines change. This way, your calculations will always be accurate and exact, whether you are setting up scenarios to discuss with a client or submitting final reports for the court.

The Support for Michigan software contains these tools:

  • Child Support Calculator: Uses current Michigan child support guidelines for sole, joint and split custody
  • Maintenance Recommendations: Sets up various spousal maintenance scenarios
  • Defined Benefit Plan Calculator: Examines several types of benefit plans
  • Support Transfer Suggestions: Looks at scenarios with unallocated awards
  • Early Withdrawal Calculator: Optional early IRA withdrawal scenarios
  • Federal Tax Estimator: Incorporates the most current tax guidelines to figure tax obligations
  • Report Generator: Organizes printable reports

Support for Michigan is a product from the software developing company, MarginSoft. MarginSoft also produces child support software for several other states, like Florida, Washington and Maryland.

Support for Michigan helps family law professionals

Support for Michigan was created with the promise of helping family law professionals, such as attorneys, law clerks and judges, get more accurate results from the complex calculations required for each case.

The software allows you to be more efficient by eliminating the time and stress of doing calculations on your own or with another company's outdated software. Because it can also compile and print reports with these results, you save time in creating customized reports and filling in the data on your own.

Support for Michigan is updated often, whenever there are new laws or guidelines for the state of Michigan. Updates also occur when there are changes to tax codes to ensure your calculations represent the latest information available.

Support for Michigan is an easy-to-use program with an intuitive interface and helpful features to guide you and answer questions. It runs on a variety of Windows-based computer systems.

Instead of filling out worksheets on your own, simply enter the appropriate data into the fields, then choose to calculate. Support for Michigan always checks the data entered and signals you if something seems inconsistent or missing.

To get Support for Michigan as a free 30-day trial, visit the website for details. Many family law professionals find that it does increase their efficiency and reduces concerns about accuracy. Support for Michigan provides fast and accurate calculations for all Michigan family law professionals.

Support for Michigan requires overnight totals

Support for Michigan software requires overnight totals for the non-custodial parent in order to figure out child support, based on the guidelines set by the state of Michigan.

Parenting time is the total overnight time each parent spends with their children. To figure out a correct overnight totals for Michigan, you must calculate the amount of time the non-residential parent spends with the children. When clients set up a visitation schedule, it becomes very difficult to calculate a precise overnight total.

This information is combined with data concerning each parent's income and the parenting time credit applies to only sole physical custody cases. Joint custody cases do not qualify for any kind of child support credit based on overnights. Support for Michigan lets you enter a percentage in order to calculate child support.

Custody X Change calculates parenting time totals

Custody X Change software includes a parenting time calculator that shows exactly how much time each parent has with the children.

When you set up a parenting time schedule, the software automatically counts up all the hours for the non-residential parent. This accurate parenting time total gives you the precise data you need.

Use Custody X Change to get accurate parenting time totals, because:

  • Parenting time totals are difficult to figure out by hand, because attorneys must add all the quarter, half and full days within a year for the non-residential parent.
  • Figuring parenting time totals adjust every time an attorney changes the schedule
  • Calculating and re-calculating any change to the schedule is so complex, some attorneys are forced to estimate or guess.
  • Entering parenting time totals calculated from a guess or estimate into the Michigan child support formula means that child support amounts will likely be wrong.

Figuring out child support amounts requires exact numbers, from each parent's income to the amount of credits allowed. Another important number is the parenting time total, or how long each parent is scheduled to be with the children.

Correct numbers mean the child support amount is fair and accurate, and Custody X Change delivers accurate totals every time.


Custody X Change calculates parenting time percentages. Use it together with Support for Michigan to have more accurate child support calculations.

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Custody X Change calculates parenting time percentages. Use it together with Support for Michigan to have more accurate child support calculations.

Calculate My Parenting Time Now