Child Support Articles

Child support guidelines by location
Every location has different child support guidelines, so we researched and created pages for each location separately. Choose your location to learn more.

Serving child support papers: Who serves & more
Here's how to serve papers to the other parent in your child support case. Follow these guidelines so you don't stall your case or have it thrown out.

How to prepare for a child support hearing
We asked several practicing family lawyers what a parent should do to prepare for a child support hearing. Here is what they said.

Lower your child support and get more parenting time
In most cases, you can lower your child support payments by figuring out the true parenting timeshare percentage and increasing the time you have your children.

Are you having difficulty paying child support?
The original child support order should have fit your ability to pay. If you're having trouble paying, it's probably because something changed since then.

Using custody to avoid child support
While some may think they won't have to pay support if they have custody, it's not that simple.

Child support software vendors
How to use almost any child support software alongside the Custody X Change app.