Australia Guide to Parenting Arrangements

Where to begin:

Parenting arrangements in Australia
Answers to your Australia custody questions. Do we have to go to court? How much will it cost? Can I claim child support?

Staying out of court:

Australia parenting plans: Making your agreement
How to make a parenting plan in Australia. Get a custody agreement you and the other parent can use to avoid court. Template and examples.

Australia parenting schedules
How to choose a custody schedule, how to write it and what to include. Popular schedules for different divisions of time.

FDR & ADR in Australia: Resolving custody out of court
Resolving family disputes out of court is highly encouraged in Australia. Explore four options to save money and time.

Going to court:

Australian parenting orders & family court orders
The most common parenting orders. "Live with" orders and "spend time with" orders, injunctions, consent orders and more explained.

6 steps to parenting orders in Australia family court
How to get custody in the Federal Circuit & Family Court of Australia. Information for applicants and respondents. Forms and links you need.

9 steps to parenting orders: Western Australia
We walk you through the process of litigating custody in WA. Information for applicants and respondents — from preparations through trial.

Child support:

Calculating Australian child support and care percentages
Parents can agree on any child support amount, unless one asks Services Australia to step in. Agreements, assessments and care time explained.