South Carolina Guide to Child Custody

Where to begin:

Child custody: Laws, factors & more
Child custody and divorce with kids in South Carolina. Legal versus physical custody, how long your case may take, getting legal help and more.

Child support calculator
Instantly estimate child support: enter how many children, your overnights with them, and each parent's income. Learn how to request support and more.

Reaching an agreement:

South Carolina parenting plans
What you'll need in a parenting plan. Choosing a template, typical provisions, special items to consider and how to submit it.

South Carolina custody and visitation schedules
Here's how to create a parenting time schedule. Good organization helps you and the other parent work together to care for your child in South Carolina.

Going to court:

Custody process in South Carolina: What to expect in court
The South Carolina custody process from start to finish: opening a case, getting a temporary order, mediation, trial and more.

Filing for custody in South Carolina
Follow these steps to start your South Carolina divorce or custody case. Learn what forms you need, how to serve papers and more.

South Carolina child custody and divorce trials
How to prepare for a South Carolina child custody or divorce trial, including evidence you can submit and what to expect that day.

Explore examples of common schedules