Alabama Guide to Child Custody

Where to begin:

Child custody & visitation: Laws, rights & more
Learn about child custody in Alabama. How long your case may take, what it costs, settling out of court, where to find legal help and more.

Child support calculator
Instantly estimate child support: enter how many children, your percent of time with them, and each parent's income. Learn how to request support and more.

Reaching an agreement:

Alabama parenting agreements (parenting plans)
What you'll need in a parenting agreement. Choosing a template, drawing up a schedule, typical provisions and special items to consider.

Alabama custody and visitation schedule guidelines
How co-parents make a visitation schedule in Alabama. See examples of popular schedules, and plan for holidays and breaks.

Going to court:

Custody process in Alabama: What to expect in court
Alabama's custody process from start to finish, with the resources you need along the way. Opening a case, mediation and more.

How to file for custody in Alabama and serve papers
Follow these steps to start your Alabama custody and visitation case. Learn what forms you need, how to serve papers and more.

Alabama child custody and divorce trials
How to prepare for an Alabama child custody or divorce trial, including how to organize your evidence. Learn when the trial is likely to happen.

Changing or enforcing your Alabama custody order
Follow these steps to request a change to your Alabama custody and visitation order. Learn how to ask the court to enforce it.

Bring calm to co‑parenting. Agree on a schedule and plan. Be prepared with everything documented.

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