Québec Guide to Parenting Time & Authority (Custody)

Where to begin:

Custody (parenting time) & parental authority in Québec
Answers to your QC parenting time and parental authority questions. Do I have to go to court? How long will it take? Can I represent myself?

Québec parenting plans (custody agreements)
Québec parents must cover several topics in a parenting plan. Follow these guidelines for a plan you can use to avoid court or as evidence at trial.

Québec parenting time schedules
See popular parenting time schedules in Québec and details you should include. Plus, how to handle holidays and vacations.

Québec child support calculator
Estimate your support payment using just each parent's income and number of nights with your child. Learn all about child support.

Agreeing with the other parent:

Alternative dispute resolution methods in Québec
These methods of deciding parenting arrangements outside a courtroom are increasingly popular in Québec. Could one work for you?

Going to court:

Québec child custody court process: 8 steps explained
The family court process from start to finish, with the resources you need along the way. Opening a case, preparing a case protocol and more.

Types of family judgments in Québec
All about family judgments from Québec Superior Courts: the various types, how to get them, and how to follow them easily.

Starting a custody, separation or divorce case in Québec
Follow these steps while applying and serving to avoid stalling your case. Information for plaintiffs and defendants in Québec, plus the forms you need.

Psychosocial expertise in Québec child custody cases
Expertise can have a big impact on the judge's decision. Find out why it's ordered and the roles you and your child will have in the process.

Divorce & custody trials in Québec
Québec family court trials can be complicated. Understand the processes and protocols with these tips so you get what's best for your child.

Explore examples of common schedules

Explore common schedules

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Organize your evidence

Track your expenses, journal what happens, and record actual time. Print organized, professional documents.

Co-parent civilly

Our parent-to-parent messaging system, which detects hostile language, lets you collaborate without the drama.

Get an accurate child support order

Child support is based on parenting time or overnights in most jurisdictions. Calculate time instead of estimating.

Succeed by negotiating

Explore options together with visual calendars and detailed parenting plans. Present alternatives and reach agreement.

Never forget an exchange or activity

Get push notifications and email reminders, sync with other calendar apps and share with the other parent.

Save up to $50,000 by avoiding court

Write your parenting agreement without lawyers. Our templates walk you through each step.

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