Ontario Guide to Decision-Making Responsibility (Custody)

Where to begin:

Ontario decision-making responsibility & parenting time
Answers to your ON decision-making responsibility and parenting time questions. Do I have to go to court? How long will it take? Can I represent myself?

Ontario parenting plans (custody agreements)
Parents in Ontario must cover several topics in their parenting plans. Follow these guidelines to create a plan to use as evidence at trial or to avoid court.

Ontario parenting time arrangements & schedules
Ensure your child's parenting time schedule is comprehensive with these guidelines. See popular schedules and details you must include.

Ontario child support: How it's calculated & more
Instantly determine your child support by entering your incomes, parenting time and number of children. See how different parenting times affect the total.

Agreeing with the other parent:

Alternatives to family court in Ontario
These methods for deciding parenting arrangements outside a courtroom are becoming more common in Ontario. Could one work for you?

Court-connected custody mediation in Ontario
If you enter mediation ready, you're more likely to leave with an agreement that benefits your child and allows you to avoid trial.

Finalizing your parenting agreement: Ontario
Settling is considered the best way to decide decision-making responsibility and parenting time. Follow these steps to settle your case.

Going to court:

Ontario child custody court process: 8 steps
The family court process from start to finish, with the resources you need along the way. Opening a case, mediation and more in Ontario.

Ontario parenting & contact orders
All about Ontario parenting and contact orders: the types, plus how to enforce them, follow them and modify them.

Applying for a parenting or contact order in Ontario
Follow these steps while applying and serving to avoid stalling your case. Information for applicants and respondents in Ontario, plus the forms you need.

Clinical reports & private assessments
Reports and assessments have a big impact on the judge's decision. Find out why they're ordered and the roles you and your child will have in the process.

Family court trials in Ontario
Ontario family court trials can be complicated. Understand the processes and protocols so you get what's best for your child.

Explore examples of common schedules