50/50 Schedules

Most popular schedules:

2-2-3 schedule
This schedule has your child spend 2 days with one parent, 2 days with the other parent and 3 days with the first parent. The next week it switches.

2-2-5-5 schedule
This schedule has your child spend 2 days with each parent and then 5 days with each parent.

Alternating weeks schedule
This schedule has your child spend one week with the first parent and the next week with the other parent.

Every extended weekend schedule — school removed
Normally, this schedule gives one parent about 60% of time with the child. But removing the hours the child spends in school or at day care gives parents nearly equal time.

Other 50/50 schedules:

2 weeks each schedule
This schedule has your child spend 2 weeks with one parent and then 2 weeks with the other parent.

3-4-4-3 schedule
This schedule has your child spend 3 days with one parent, then 4 days with the other parent. Then it switches, and the child spends 4 days with the first parent, followed by 3 days with the other parent.

Alternating every 2 days schedule
This schedule has the child switching between the parents every 2 days.

Whole week / work week / weekend schedule
In this schedule, the child spends equal time with both parents over four weeks. Each parent has the child for a full week, a work week and a weekend during that time.

Schedules compared:

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