Legal Concepts

Basic concepts

Best interest of the child: What it is & how to prove it
The best interest of the child standard is the guiding force behind child custody decisions. Learn how to prove you meet the standard.

Alternative dispute resolution: How to avoid custody court
Ways to decide custody outside of a courtroom.

Understanding 3 types of child custody orders
In custody cases, court orders mandate who must care for a child and how. Here are three types of orders that you may see.

Family code & custody laws in US states
Family code governs every decision made in a child custody case. Find out what it is and how the code is created and changed.

Other concepts

The Uniform Child Custody Act in layman's terms (UCCJEA)
Learn the basics of the UCCJEA and the laws that protect interstate child support orders.

Parental kidnapping & how it affects child custody
What parents need to know about parental kidnapping and its impact on custody.

Parental rights & parental responsibilities: Know yours
With the right to be in a child's life comes the responsibility of caring for them. Find out the rights and responsibilities you have.

Termination of parental rights | Voluntary & involuntary
The termination of parental rights ends the legal relationship between a parent and child. Find out the reasons why this could happen.

Guardianship versus custody: Differences & similarities
Learn the differences between guardianship and custody.

Does guardianship override parental rights?
Legal guardians and parents have their own roles. After a guardian is appointed, the parent may continue to have custody.

Children's custody rights: Protecting the child's interest
Although they're rarely discussed, children have rights in custody cases. Keep these rights in mind while preparing your custody case.

Legal roles

People to know in a child custody case
Custody cases can involve many professionals. Learn about the key players.

Guardians ad litem: What they do & look for
A guardian ad litem could be one of the many professionals involved in your case. Their findings influence the final custody order.

Attorney ad litem: What it means & what one does
An attorney ad litem could represent you or your child in court. Find out what they do and how they could be pivotal in the judge's decision.