Tips and Ideas


Calculating Time & Overnight Percentages
The software calculates timeshare and overnight percentages for any schedule.

Maximizing Parenting Time
The software can help to maximize parenting time because it can quickly examine many options, such as how the vacations and holidays interact with the regular schedule, and how time with neither parent is allocated.

Negotiating a Fair Schedule
If it's at all possible for the two parents to sit down together and talk, the software can provide a neutral tool to assist in figuring out a schedule that both parents can agree to.

Preparing for Court
The software helps parents and professionals prepare for court. The reports organize the parenting plan in a structured way, using legal terms.

Preparing for Mediation
Prior to mediation, the software helps parents organize their thoughts and create a few different options they want to consider. During mediation, the software helps facilitate an open discussion regarding a fair schedule.

Tracking what Actually Happens
The software allows parents to track any deviations to the schedule and keep organized notes. It can also be used to track how much time each parent has prior to reaching an initial agreement.


Courts: Judges & Facilitators
Judges use the software to quickly create the ordered schedule. Court facilitators use the software to help parents needing legal assistance.

Family Law Attorneys
Family law attorneys use the software to save time by eliminating the tedious parts required to create parenting plans. They also use the software to calculate and maximize time and overnight percentages for their clients.

Family Mediators
Family mediators use the software during mediation as a visual tool to help the parents see the schedule that's being negotiated. They also use it to quickly draft multiple options for the parents to consider.

Parents With an Attorney
Parents who have retained an attorney still use the software. This saves them a considerable amount in legal fees, and provides them a way to communicate the details of a desired plan and schedule to their attorney.

Parents Without an Attorney
Parents who represent themselves use the software to create parenting plans and calendars. The software also contains parenting provisions to consider.

Working With an Attorney
If you decide to hire an attorney to handle your case, you can stay involved by using the Custody X Change app.

Custody X Change is software that creates professional parenting plan documents and parenting schedules.

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