Co-Parenting Apps: Why Divorced Parents Need One

A co-parenting app can be vital to making your parenting relationship work during and after divorce.

The best co-parenting apps (also called custody apps) offer shared calendars, printable messaging, customizable court documents and other tools. They help co-parents collaborate calmly and can keep lawyers or other professionals in the loop automatically.

Visualize your schedule. Get a written parenting plan. Calculate your parenting time.

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Why co-parenting apps are important

Co-parenting apps store and organize large amounts of information, making custody less complicated for you.

A parenting app gives you a permanent digital account of all things custody-related, allowing you to:

  • Keep child custody information in one place
  • Make changes without starting from scratch
  • Collaborate with the other parent rather than return to court

You don't need to have a 50/50 parenting schedule or a smooth co-parenting relationship to use such an app. In fact, parenting software may be extra helpful to exes with contentious relationships since it allows them to resolve issues without being in the same room.

What the Custody X Change app offers

The Custody X Change online app ensures the best possible future for your children, thanks to a thorough set of tools. More than 60,000+ parents have used our software to help them transition from parenting in one household to two.

Co-parenting calendar

Many parents try to write out their custody schedules only to be left with wordy documents to sort through when making plans.

Custody X Change walks you through each step of building a custody calendar. The color-coded calendar lets you easily see when the child will be with each parent, and it instantly calculates your parenting time.

If you link accounts with your lawyer or the other parent, you can collaborate on calendars and see whenever they make a change.

You can also privately track parenting time in Custody X Change. For example, you could note when a parent picks your child up late.

Co-parenting communication

Communication between parents can be troublesome regardless of how well you get along. Use Custody X Change as your parent communication app to ease some of the biggest challenges.

Some parents search through hundreds of texts and emails — or hire a lawyer — to highlight when the other parent was less than cordial. Our hostility detector highlights harsh language automatically so you can print instant reports (and keep your own language in check).

Custody X Change messaging also saves you the hassle of dealing with a co-parent who lies to the court about your conversations. It keeps a complete record of every conversation and shows when a parent has read a message.

If a court puts orders in place that limit contact between parents, a parenting app could be your only means of communication.

Custody documentation

As a co-parent, you need to keep careful track of what happens with your child. You may need to share the details with the other parent or with the court at some point.

Your Custody X Change journal makes documenting day-to-day life easy. It helps you:

  • Note your child's updates and milestones
  • See behavior patterns your child or co-parent has
  • Recall important dates or discussions
  • Store and retrieve documents
  • Present professional-looking evidence if you need to return to court

Your custody journal is hidden from the other parent so that you can write freely. If you want to share entries with them, print or email those entries.

Family expense tracker

Family lawyers often advise clients to track child-related expenses. These records can help prove your involvement with your children, not to mention get the other parent to reimburse you.

Paper receipts are a hassle to organize. With Custody X Change, you simply add information about an expense and how much the other parent owes. The app calculates totals for you and organizes your photos or other attachments for quick access.

Child custody agreement template

Many parents choose our co-parenting app because of the ability to make a custody agreement (also called a parenting plan). This spells out how you'll handle parenting.

The Custody X Change template helps you build an agreement by offering more than 140 popular provisions (parenting rules) to choose from. You can write provisions unique to your situation, as well.

Your co-parenting calendar appears in your plan automatically, along with a description using legal terminology.

Child-info storage

Both parents need access to their child's information: medical data, ID numbers, contact information for friends, etc.

Upload all this to the child-info tool so that both parents have it at the ready.

One huge benefit is that you won't have to contact each other every time there's a change. Let the app notify the other parent when you make an update.

Choosing the best co-parenting app

The custody app that will work best for you depends on your family. In some cases, the family court assigns a specific app for you to use.

Custody X Change is trusted by families in a wide variety of circumstances, with provisions for supervised visitation, supervised exchanges and more.

Choose an app for divorced parents that provides guidance but lets you make customizations. Most importantly, make sure it empowers you to work productively with your ex-spouse for the benefit of your child.


Here's what some of our customers have said:

The judge adopted my plan that I came up with using custody exchange. ... It was invaluable.

Stacie Staples – Arroyo Grande, CA

The billing cost from a lawyer to prepare the documents would exceed the cost of the program and would be inferior to what you have developed. … It is a truly valuable tool!!

Russell King – Jacksonville, FL

It has saved several hours of pushing a pencil and rearranging days back and forth. The best part is that it figures out ... time with each parent each month. Well worth the money, do it yourself and hand it to your attorney.

Ruth Ballard – Standish, ME

Visualize your schedule. Get a written parenting plan. Calculate your parenting time.

Simplify My Custody Situation Now

Explore examples of common schedules

Explore common schedules

Join the 60,000+ other parents who have used our co-parenting tools

Organize your evidence

Track your expenses, journal what happens, and record actual time. Print organized, professional documents.

Co-parent civilly

Our parent-to-parent messaging system, which detects hostile language, lets you collaborate without the drama.

Get an accurate child support order

Child support is based on parenting time or overnights in most jurisdictions. Calculate time instead of estimating.

Succeed by negotiating

Explore options together with visual calendars and detailed parenting plans. Present alternatives and reach agreement.

Never forget an exchange or activity

Get push notifications and email reminders, sync with other calendar apps and share with the other parent.

Save up to $50,000 by avoiding court

Write your parenting agreement without lawyers. Our templates walk you through each step.

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Bring calm to co‑parenting. Agree on a schedule and plan. Be prepared with everything documented.

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