Parenting Plan Guidelines for Special Circumstances

Temporary plans:

Temporary custody agreements
A temporary custody order sets arrangements for a child's care while the case is in progress.

Creating temporary parenting plans
It's always advisable to use a temporary parenting plan until your divorce or custody case ends.

Child custody and parenting plans during separation
Get help developing a parenting plan when you and your spouse separate.

Long-distance plans:

Long-distance custody agreements
When parents live far apart they need to make special arrangements to ensure they both maintain a strong relationship with the child.

Long-distance parenting plans
What parents should put in their parenting plan if they live a long distance from each other.

Creating an interstate parenting plan
An interstate parenting plan allows parents who live in two different states to work together to raise their children.

Making a long-distance parenting plan work
A long-distance parenting plan is the legal document that outlines how you and the other parent will raise your children despite living some distance away from each other.

Considerations for long-distance custody agreements
If one parent moves a significant distance away, you'll have to adjust your current custody arrangement. Consider the following when making a long-distance custody agreement.

Out-of-state custody arrangements
An out-of-state custody agreement generally grants one parent sole physical custody and the other parent visitation rights.

Plans when a parent is in the military:

Military parenting plans
Information that parents in the military should include in their parenting plans.

Making military parenting plans work for everyone
When one or both of you serve in the military, your parenting plan must reflect the unique circumstances of your jobs.

Military custody agreements while deployed
If you are in the military, your custody agreement needs special provisions about deployment.

Other circumstances:

A parenting plan template for parents in high conflict
If you're in a contentious custody battle, a standard parenting plan won't suit your situation. Follow this parenting plan template created by psychologist Philip M. Stahl, Ph.D., ABPP.

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Explore common schedules

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