Types of Child Custody


Types of custody: Full, sole, joint, primary & more
There are many types of child custody. Use this overview to help you make sense of them and figure out the type you want to pursue in court.

Joint custody:

Joint legal custody
Joint legal custody defined. How it works and when it works.

Joint physical custody
When parents should have joint physical custody. With schedule examples.

Joint child custody: Pros and cons
Joint child custody is when both parents can make decisions for the child or when they share physical custody. Weigh the pros and cons before choosing a joint custody arrangement.

Equal shared parenting: Pros & cons of 50/50 custody
Everything you need to know about sharing custody equally. Pros and cons of 50/50 custody, example parenting time schedules, parenting plan rules and more.

The basics of shared custody
Find out whether shared parenting (also called joint custody) is the right option for you.

Sole custody:

Sole legal custody
Everything you need to know about sole legal custody, including its advantages and disadvantages.

Sole physical custody
When parents should have a sole physical custody arrangement and examples of sole custody visitation schedules.

Sole child custody: Pros and cons
Sole custody gives one parent more rights and responsibilities than the other. Consider these pros and cons before you ask for or agree to sole custody.

Why you probably shouldn't fight for sole custody
Except in extreme circumstances, like if your spouse has violent tendencies, you might want to skip the push for sole physical custody.

Sole custody agreements: Proving your case
You should seek sole custody if the other parent poses a threat to your child's welfare. The following tips will help you make your case in court.

Primary custody:

Primary physical custody
Primary physical custody gives one parent the majority of parenting time. Find out the benefits, rights and responsibilities of this arrangement.

Split custody:

Split custody
When parents should have a split custody arrangement and how to make it work.

Explore examples of common schedules

Explore common schedules

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