Top 10 Family Law Attorneys near the Portland, OR Area

Portland is not only the largest city in Oregon, it’s one of the most beautiful cities in the country. With an amazing mix of natural scenery and modern amenities, life in Portland can be appealing for both families and singles.

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However, no matter how great of a city it is, some of those families are going to have disagreements and even break-ups. When these unfortunate events occur, at least there are highly qualified family law attorneys nearby to help.

Here are our choices for the Portland, OR area:

Nathan Holtey

Nathan Holtey is the owner of Holtey Law. He received his JD in law from the University of Oregon and has been practicing family law for over 15 years.

Mr. Holtey’s clients feel he is extremely professional and results-oriented instead of being motivated by profit. They also praise his entire team for their hard work and support.

Holtey Law
1140 SW 11th Ave #4
Portland, OR 97205

Adam Brittle & Jill Brittle

At Custody X Change we rarely cover a pair of attorneys in our family law attorney reviews, but in this instance we had no choice. Both Adam and Jill Brittle have received plenty of praise from both clients and peers.

Mr. Brittle is an owner and the managing partner of Brittle & Brittle P.C. He is a graduate of the Lewis & Clark Northwestern Law School.

Ms. Brittle is also an owner of Brittle & Brittle. She too is a graduate of the Lewis & Clark Northwestern Law School.

The Brittles have been praised for their knowledge, professionalism, and compassion.

Brittle & Brittle P.C.
1130 SW Morrison St
Suite 312
Portland, OR 97205

C. Sean Stephens

C. Sean Stephens is a partner at Stephens & Margolin. He has been licensed for over 22 years and is a graduate of the Willamette College of Law.

Mr. Stephens’s peers feel he is very knowledgeable about family law. His clients appreciate his transparency and demeanor.

Stephens & Margolin LLP
1000 SW Broadway
Suite 1250
Portland, OR 97205

Lisa E. Martin

Lisa E. Martin has been practicing law for over 17 years. She graduated from the Gonzaga University School of Law in 1999.

Ms. Martin is known as an attorney that is actively involved in her clients’ cases giving each client the attention they need. She has also been acknowledged for caring more about the outcome than the billable hours she can charge.

The Martin Law Firm
One SW Columbia Street
Suite 1685
Portland, OR 97258

Tom Brasier

Tom Brasier is the founder of Brasier Law. He has been licensed for over eight years and received his JD from the University of California’s Hastings College of Law.

Mr. Brasier’s peers praise his no-nonsense approach to family law. His clients also feel he is hard working and compassionate.

Brasier Law, LLC
1001 SW 5th Avenue
Suite 1100
Portland, OR 97204

Tara R. Lawrence

Tara R. Lawrence has over 17 years of legal experience. She is a graduate of the Willamette University College of Law.

While not predominantly a family law attorney as her practice at the Lawrence Law Office focuses on other areas such as sex crime and personal injury, Ms. Lawrence is a well-respected family law attorney as well.

She has been praised for her tenacity and ability to give each case her all.

Lawrence Law Office
6960 Varns Street
Portland, OR 97223

Josephine C. Townsend

Josephine C. Townsend is both a practicing attorney and a professor at Warner Pacific College. She has over 15 years of legal experience where she has earned the respect of her clients and peers alike.

Though Ms. Townsend is located in Washington State, she practices in both the Vancouver, WA and Portland, OR areas.

Josephine C. Townsend Attorney at Law
211 E. 11th Street
Suite 104
Vancouver, WA 98660

Patty Arjun

Patty Arjun is the owner of the Law Office of Patricia Arjun PC. She is a graduate of the Lewis & Clark School of Law.

Ms. Arjun has been practicing for over 12 years. She has received several awards recently such as the Super Lawyer award granted by SuperLawyers in both 2015 and 2016.

Over the years, Ms. Arjun has earned the respect of many of her peers, including praise from another attorney on our list, Ms. Brittle.

Arjun Law
521 SW Clay Street
Suite 204
Portland, OR 97201

Ralph E. Gzik

Ralph E. Gzik is a practicing attorney at McKean Smith. He received his JD from the University of New Hampshire School of Law in 2012

Aside from the praise of his clients, Mr. Gzik has received awards for his work including being named one of the Top 10 Oregon Family Law Attorneys of 2015 by the American Institute of Family Lawyers.

McKean Smith, LLC
1140 SW 11th Ave
Suite 400
Portland, OR 97205

Herb Weisser

Herb Weisser is a very experienced family law attorney with over 31 years of professional experience. He is the owner of Weisser Family Law.

Mr. Weisser’s clients feel he is very qualified and does an excellent job at breaking down legalese into common English.

In full disclosure, Mr. Weisser was once reprimanded in 2002 for not properly disclosing a conflict of interest in writing opting to do so verbally only.

Weisser Family Law
4614 SW Kelly Avenue
Portland, OR 97239

The above family law attorneys offer a mix of experience and personality. No matter how simple or complex your family law needs are, you are sure to find a qualified attorney that suits your needs from the above list.

As of December, 2016, the Portland, OR area family law attorneys on this list have been recognized by third-party organizations and their clients for their excellence in the area of divorce and family law.

Custody X Change is software that creates professional parenting plan documents and parenting schedules.

Make My Schedule and Plan Now

Custody X Change is software that creates professional parenting plan documents and parenting schedules.

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